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Thai Visa

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Thai Visa was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Dec 27, 2012 and since then this brand received 135 reviews. It is 134 reviews more than Teakdoor received since Mar 16, 2016.

Teakdoor and Thai Visa Consumer Ratings

27 out of 1005 in Media category
22 out of 198 in Passports and Visas category
22 in category
23 in category
Customer service
29 in category
19 in category
34 in category
17 in category

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4 (1 review)
1.3 (51 reviews)
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Prior to 2014 Coup d'etat Teakdoor was censoring posters and stopping discussion. This continued during the months of the coup. Teakdoor supported Thailand's military junta in blocking criticism and discussion of the junta and rising detentions of political prisoners. I am posting this for the...


...In your website is written transit visa for 30 days But they do not issue me visa They told me just for 24 hours I booked my tickets Please do not miss guide the people's It is wastage of student money and time..

Rajesh k
Customer service
2 (1 review)
1.1 (52 reviews)
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Some years ago, I was banned for a stated period of 3 days.I am still banned - WHY..??Because I disagreed with a post and with a moderator.I did not use foul language, I merely disagreed.Oddly, as long as I did not accept the judgement, I had full access.It was finally accepting the judgement that...

Michael W
2 (1 review)
1 (50 reviews)
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ThaiVisa used to be OK but after being sold went downhill very quickly. It is a 100% clickbait site that rips off readers and advertisers.Fake news is put out as real encouraging responses. Often going on for 100+pages. The latest was about requirements for health insurance. Of course, health...


Teakdoor and Thai Visa Pros and Cons

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  • Visa advice
  • Some of the members
  • Regular informative articles
No votes
  • Moderation
  • Snowflake moderators
  • Denial of freedom of speech

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The Mod Metisadork went off to sulk for a couple of months late last year and early this year but heee's baaaak. Metisad...

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Prior to 2014 Coup d'etat Teakdoor was censoring posters and stopping discussion. This continued during the months of...


Thaivisa has recently become the best place for Thai haters to share their nutty theories on the Koh Tao murders. It is...

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I only thing to remember is that this is not a news or information site. It all about revenue and advertising.
The Modera...

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  • Thai Visa Moderator (21 reviews)
  • Thai Visa Travel Forum (7 reviews)