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Safelink Wireless

Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Billing Practices
  • Free 250 minutes 14
  • Program 6
  • Phone and free service 3
  • Phone 3
  • Patience 3

Customers don't like

  • Customer service16
  • Total run around everytime have never had a good experience7
  • Hours with customer service7
  • Poor english6
  • Super frustrating4


Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Billing Practices
  • Internet 6
  • You are a bunch of overcharging crooks 5
  • Customer service 4
  • Coverage area 4
  • Tv 3

Customers don't like

  • Incompetent customer service25
  • Customer service20
  • Poor service19
  • Bait and switch7
  • Told one thing and going doing another6

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Copperhill, Tennessee, United States #1308566

I have a phone from each of these companies. At the present, I'm in a major battle with both.

Completely different and unrelated issues. I now seem to have better phone service with Verizon But its really hard to compare the service from a $500 + phone running on a $300 network extender to the service of a - $20 free government phone. The Verizon service has been so much better since I got the network extender. Before, It was impossible to even carry on a short conversation without being disconnected several times.

It was so frustrating and even sending a text message would have you pulling your hair out before it would finally send. For years, I was constantly borrowing a phone so I could call in to Verizon about my lack of service and defective equipment (I'll go into the equipment detail in a minute). It was a fight and argument every time especially after I heard about this network extender that would give me great service I have now. I could have gotten (purchased) one a lot sooner and probably saved myself a lot of stress and headaches.

First of all, that network extender was either $300 or $350 back then. I wanted one real bad but that was and still is a lot of money to come up with all at once for phone service that was already paying $86 a month for(that was one line with the lowest of everything). It had to be at least three years, probably more, I would go to the Verizon site pretty often just to see if the price had gone down or perhaps find some type of deal where they would break it up into payments and add them to the monthly bill. Verizon never did either.

During this same time I had an LG Envy Touch and was under contract and had purchased the insurance. I'm not sure if everyone out there knows this as I'm sure Verizon probably don't volunteer this info often But if you get the insurance when you get the phone and you keep that on the phone, THAT EXTENDS YOUR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY TO LIFETIME. That's what they call it anyways. Its not actually lifetime, its for as long as you have the phone activated on that plan and carry that insurance.

And it only covers defects and such. And wouldn't you know it, the Envy touch seemed to have defective screens. This was the main reason for calling I and constantly fighting with Verizon. But while I had them on the phone already , I took that opportunity to fuss about the crappy service and ask for payments.

The answer was Always No, we cant do that and they would send me a replacement phone for the Envy. I guess I could have saved up and got the network extender but after a few years and 14 Envy Touch replacements they ran out. No more replacements to send. They said they would replace with comparable.

To them that was a Samsung Brightside and to me it wasn't. There really wasn't a comparable to me. The closest phones was to downgrade me to the Brightside or upgrade me to a smart phone. Verizon chose to downgrade me.

A customer for years that wasn't really even getting service most of the time but paying for it. I ended up going thru 3 of the brightside's under the warranty until I finally upgraded to the S3 and signed a 2 year. I really felt like I was getting it hard, all this trouble with these phones, all the time on the phone with Verizon, all the money spent for years on service I wasn't getting and now another brand new phone that still wouldn't hardly work. That's when the mean, stubborn, hateful, red headed devil came out in me.

I was dead set that Verizon was going to provide the service I was paying for and had been paying for years. I was really lucky that one call in and got a rep that was totally understanding when I said I was already paying for Verizon service and I should have to pay twice and that Verizon should do what they promised when I signed a contract, which was to provide me with phone service and they did have a way to do that. The lady was great. Very understanding and very sympathetic to all the trouble I'd had.

She sent me a network extender for free. Now I've had 3 or 4 S3 replacements and one of them has corrupted a bunch of my pictures. Over 500 pictures. The Cloud sucks and just does whatever it wants.

Verizon says the pics was corrupted from their SIM card going bad. Replaced last S3 with a S6. I haven't returned the defective device yet because I'm trying to find a recovery program that actually works or a professional recovery company to get my pics back. Before they sent the replacement phone I was considering upgrading to the S7 and Verizon offered me $5 for the trade-in of the S3.

Now that I've accepted the replacement device, I have to return the defective device ( the one with $5 trade-in value and my corrupt pics). I've always returned my defective devices and there's been plenty. I just ask for some time to try to get my pics back. They have charged me almost $600 for that $5 phone and added that to my bill and sending text and calling me day after day threatening to disconnect.

I've been with them 11 years now. Most of the customer service agents are rude and not very knowledgeable. I've came across a few that has been wonderful. Very few.

Now where does Safelink rate... Two weeks ago the deactivated my phone for no reason. Enrollment in good standing and had 1198 minutes on the phone. Nobody can figure it out.

Nobody knows what their doing. And nobody knows how to fix it and get me my phone service back. Perhaps its partly due to the language barrier ? Who knows but over 2 weeks with no service.

Emailed corporate last week and no response yet. Which company is better ? Who could say ? Both needs a lot of improvement.

But where are you gonna go. And they know that !