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Shark and Rowenta Overview

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Shark was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 23, 2008 and since then this brand received 530 reviews. It is 483 reviews more than Rowenta received since Jan 24, 2008.

Shark and Rowenta Consumer Ratings

129 out of 2624 in Appliances and Electronics category
200 out of 2624 in Appliances and Electronics category
Product or Service Quality
106 in category
146 in category
Customer service
98 in category
140 in category
Value for money
112 in category
139 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Shark ranks 71 points higher in the Appliances and Electronics category than Rowenta. People gave Shark 2.2 stars for Product or Service Quality criterion in Appliances and Electronics category and it is 474 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Rowenta was rated 1.9 stars for Product or Service Quality criterion in this category and it is 434 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Customer service criterion, than we see that Shark has a higher rating than Rowenta. Regarding Value for money criterion, consumers gave Shark 2.5 stars and it is 81% greater than other in category. Rowenta however was rated 2.2 stars and it is 76% greater than other in category.

Shark and Rowenta Rating Details

Product or Service Quality
2.2 (233 reviews)
1.9 (15 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Excellent customer service! Fast shipping, problem resolved fast and friendly!..

Michael V

I decided to give this product a try after a recommendation from a co-worker. Not only was her ( customer rep) tone very snippy as if I was interrupting her day, but you could harldly hear her, Each time I said "I can't hear you" brought on a worse attitude. I do not like writting bad reviews, I...

Customer service
2.1 (222 reviews)
1.7 (14 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...shooting online, they tell me to make sure it has water and if that doesn’t work, make sure it’s plugged in - DUH!! Unable to get information from customer service - maybe because the representative didn’t speak English very well and there might have been a communication issue. At this point, the trash will be...


I called Rowenta customer service today and I had to follow the prompts three times before I finally gave up and simply sked to speak to a representative. I asked about repairing my iron and was told to send it to a repair center in Michigan (I live in Illinois) at my expense. They would then give...

Value for money
2.5 (218 reviews)
2.2 (12 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...now i have this sitting around and need a newer one that works because i do not have the money to buy another one. i would appreciate it if shark would send me one free of charge because while i am upset that it doesnt work, i do like the product and what it used to do. shark navigator..


I purchased a rowenta steam iron off amazon. Spent a total of R4500 to find out that the iron isnt compatible with South African voltage. I have been arguing and fighting with amazon and rowenta for months now. I have wasted all this time and money!! and it could all have been avoided if rowenta...

Sumien v

Shark and Rowenta Pros and Cons

  • I like the vacuum when it acutally works
  • Works great when they do work
  • Suction of the vacuum with a clean filter
  • Very difficult to communicat via telephone
  • Iron itself
  • Customer un-service
  • Whole experience
  • Terrible customer service and failing product every few years
  • Warranty
  • Time & money wasted
  • No warranty on replacement product

Shark and Rowenta Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

Another incident where my order was place online, received an order number, and the order was cancelled a few days...


My Rowenta iron caught on fire. I was just getting ready to pick it up to iron and the whole thing went up in flames. Ha...

Shark and Rowenta Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

I bought a Shark Steam Pocket Mop and it broke on the second use. I sent it back to the Shark company and heard...


I have a DW8080 and this unit even at its hottest temp is not very hot nor does it steam while ironing. It will only...

Shark and Rowenta Latest Reviews

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Excellent customer service! Fast shipping, problem resolved fast and friendly!

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Pulizia senza sforzo, leggero e ultra-efficiente, peccato che lo smontaggio per la pulizia risulta molto ostico ed è...

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Shark and Rowenta Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Shark Vacuum Cleaner (148 reviews)
  • Shark Customer Care (49 reviews)
  • Shark Iron (22 reviews)
  • Rowenta Iron (6 reviews)
  • Rowenta Ib4201 Ironing Board (2 reviews)
  • Rowenta Dw5183 Iron (1 review)