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Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games and Supercell Overview

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Rockstar Games was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jan 19, 2012 and since then this brand received 2116 reviews. It is 1157 reviews more than Supercell received since May 26, 2014. According to received "Issue Resolved" consumers' votes, a consumer is more likely to resolve issues with Supercell customer support team than with Rockstar Games customer service.

Rockstar Games and Supercell Consumer Ratings

20 out of 440 in Games and Movies category
22 out of 440 in Games and Movies category
Customer service
18 in category
19 in category
28 in category
31 in category
Discounts and Special Offers
13 in category
21 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Rockstar Games ranks 2 points higher in the Games and Movies category than Supercell. People gave Rockstar Games 2.5 stars for Customer service criterion in Games and Movies category and it is 96 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Supercell was rated 2.4 stars for Customer service criterion in this category and it is 95 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Website criterion, than we see that Rockstar Games has a higher rating than Supercell. Regarding Discounts and Special Offers criterion, consumers gave Rockstar Games 3.1 stars and it is 89% greater than other in category. Supercell however was rated 2.7 stars and it is 82% greater than other in category.

Rockstar Games and Supercell Rating Details

Customer service
2.5 (771 reviews)
2.4 (336 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Well a modder spawned on me have 9000000$ I don’t want I can’t spend *** getting very aggravated with the customer support I would rank it a 0 just get the *** back to me or imma take this to court and I will lmao think you have lawyers I *** Johnny Cochran better get my *** fixed soon...


...com and when they contact me I will tell the full story but for god sakes give me some god damn customer service..

Benjamin B
3 (744 reviews)
2.8 (322 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

I tried to get in contact with rockstar On multiple occasions, yet none of their lines work and constantly referred me back to their website. What the *** Like really? Rockstar is literally the stupidest *** company I have ever laid my *** eyes on..


So I tried to reach out to the contact us Department using the website redirect. And, it tells me after I get everything and my email is invalid. I've tried every combination to see if it's just the way I am put it it but it does not accept my email that I am currently using that I filed my account...

Clayton A
Discounts and Special Offers
3.1 (713 reviews)
2.7 (299 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

The graphic need to be better


My clan tag POPVPLR2,my game name JAFOR SORIF i am 12 level town hall and I am belong to NIMTITA KING ,My last trophie5103 and my war star score 1084 I am open my account last 30 day

Prince j

Rockstar Games and Supercell Pros and Cons

  • Had lots of fun playing with friends
  • Game itself
  • I love gta
  • I love the game
  • Clash of clans
  • Gameplay
  • Customer service
  • Trying to get consumer service to contact me
  • Very hard to earn money and badsport is annoying
  • Lack of communication
  • No fixing unbalanced gameplay
  • Getting banned

Rockstar Games and Supercell Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

I would like a refund on GTA V i bought the game a year ago on the xbox live store and nothing was wrong with it but...


Since the update, they took 3/4 of loot generating based... They hide those by giving it unlimited shields after about...

Rockstar Games and Supercell Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

Worst customer service ever!!!!! I am playing GTA series since first part. Just recently I've got the GTA 5,played for...


Hi everyone. I'm so fed up with the Sandbox/Xmod cheats on Clash of Clans! I have sent tons of emails but they dodge...

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It crashes when I open it and skip I need this fixed please or refund

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Sar ji war login kar rahe hain cal se Ho nahin rahi hai uske pahle do bar Khel chuke hain

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