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Roadway Express

Roadway Express and Saia Overview

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Saia was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Aug 21, 2008 and since then this brand received 238 reviews. It is 210 reviews more than Roadway Express received since Dec 12, 2007.

Roadway Express and Saia Consumer Ratings

73 out of 1508 in Transportation and Logistics category
159 out of 1508 in Transportation and Logistics category
Turnaround Time
37 in category
121 in category
Customer service
75 in category
103 in category
Tracking Tool
40 in category
73 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Roadway Express ranks 86 points higher in the Transportation and Logistics category than Saia. People gave Roadway Express 2.6 stars for Turnaround Time criterion in Transportation and Logistics category and it is 263 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Saia was rated 1.2 stars for Turnaround Time criterion in this category and it is 179 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Customer service criterion, than we see that Roadway Express has a higher rating than Saia. Regarding Tracking Tool criterion, consumers gave Roadway Express 2.6 stars and it is 87% greater than other in category. Saia however was rated 1.7 stars and it is 76% greater than other in category.

Roadway Express and Saia Rating Details

Turnaround Time
2.6 (5 reviews)
1.2 (58 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...Driveway is marked at its entrance by the highway as "Private Drive, No Trucks, No Turnaround". Other end of the drive is marked "Authorized Access Only, Violators fined $25. Dispatch would not discuss or take call...

Gordon J

... sent screenshots of both UPS and FEDEX tracking from both websites showing I had packaged picked up the day SAIA says they attempted to deliver WELL past the time they claim their driver was at my location. They said they don't care and the charges will stand. They claim they have GPS saying the driver was at my lo...

Customer service
1.8 (5 reviews)
1.4 (78 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Service can't be worse than this. Weired driver who wanted me to go inside the 18 wheelers unload the shipment myself. He refused to even drop it off on the ground (unless i pay him extra pocket money )...


... pay before we get our stuff back for freight? so basically we shipped it back to our self for a $260 charge on top of that we have to pay for storage fees??? Customer Service told me i would be wasting my time if i tried to fight the charge?! very rude and unprofessional! i will not only stop using Sala but Unishippers all together! Freight shouldn't be this hard!!!!!!!!!!....

yvette s
Tracking Tool
2.6 (5 reviews)
1.7 (55 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Last week I was promised delivery for two kayaks on Wednesday morning. Late morning I called to check status and was informed that it would be delivered that afternoon. I lost one whole day pay because late afternoon the shipment was still not delivered. I was then informed that it would be next...


...We arrived around 1:30 driving from home (4 hrs) to meet the truck, up to this time the tracking still said it was in the terminal and NOT on truck yet...

Karen M

Roadway Express and Saia Pros and Cons

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Roadway Express and Saia Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

We asked Roadway to ship a sound console in a wheeled Anvil case from Texas to Oregon. We described the shipment as...


I started working for Saia 9 years ago. Best company i have ever worked or drove for.
Bill S.

Roadway Express and Saia Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

Chair delivered, still in box, wrapped in plastic and still on crate. Driver left.


SAIA Motor Freight will steal your cargo and hold it hostage in order to collect 200% of the freight amount quoted by th...

Roadway Express and Saia Latest Reviews

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Why is one of your trucks parked in a residential neighborhood that doesn't allow vehicles over 3/4 ton.

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Horrible service, drivers are incompetent as well as the dispatch in Springfield Massachusetts. If you want your...

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Roadway Express and Saia Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Roadway Express Vehicle Driver (3 reviews)
  • Saia Delivery Service (106 reviews)
  • Saia Vehicle Driver (11 reviews)
  • Saia Customer Care (11 reviews)