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Poland Spring
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Poland Spring and Primo Water Overview

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Poland Spring was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jan 13, 2009 and since then this brand received 184 reviews. It is 72 reviews more than Primo Water received since Jun 19, 2014.

Poland Spring and Primo Water Consumer Ratings

159 out of 1022 in Food Manufacturers category
8 out of 840 in Food category
Product or Service Quality
113 in category
4 in category
Customer service
140 in category
4 in category
134 in category
8 in category

Poland Spring and Primo Water Rating Details

Product or Service Quality
1.9 (68 reviews)
2 (51 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Your water is gross!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're beyond stupid if you think for one instant that your product is superior. You cannot bottle ANYTHING in PLASTIC and continue to be that ignorant!!!!!!!!!!! Even Figi Water, which is far better than yours, is now every bit as much trash as yours is BECAUSE...

Rebecca S

...I recently gave up on your INCREDIBLY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and began delivery service with Ozarka. It's $1. 00 / bottle more but worth it...

Gregory G
Customer service
1.6 (54 reviews)
1.9 (38 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Spoke to a Katie last night she guaranteed delivery for today called customer service at 12:15 gentleman by the name of Charlie said my water delivery would be here delivery did come up but not complete order what is happening to your delivery service Readyfresh I have had trouble for the past...

Helen R

This is OBVIOUS attempt at forcing a whole customer base to pay a 200+% markup on Primo water in store! I have driven to at least 15 different stores that have these vending machines and all of them either don't work, says out of service, sold out or doesn't say anything and you have no idea if its...

Taylor H
2.1 (54 reviews)
1.9 (32 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Ever since Poland Spring changed their website around March 2019 I have had nothing but problems with scheduling and delivery. In June I was scheduled on their website for three deliveries which I did not do. If the customer tries to change a delivery date, it either won't lock in or affect future...

Carol K

My water dispense always worked pretty good except for the liud buzzing we would get when running. Drives you crazy. Now we have found a leak where the hose connects to the small pump inside the door where you place the water. Unsure how to fix due to no videos or trouble shooting for this problem...


Poland Spring and Primo Water Pros and Cons

  • Customer service area
  • Water
  • Customer service calling back
  • Great water
  • Quality of water
  • Water tasted great
  • Customer service
  • Toxic taste
  • I am afraid there is something harmful in it
  • Water all over the floors
  • Lack of supply
  • Being tricked into thinking i would get my return money back

Poland Spring and Primo Water Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

Just bought two gallons of Poland Spring at a gas station, where I usually don't buy the gallons of Poland Spring water...


Primo water cooler never has broke on me and my family i can always trust it. we can trust it because we have had ours...

Poland Spring and Primo Water Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

Poland spring water tastes great right? But is it worth cutting your finger over it? Recently I opened a bottle to...


Just went to my local Walmart to refill NOT exchange my Primo Water bottles. After filing them up I discovered that...

Poland Spring and Primo Water Latest Reviews

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Your water is gross!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're beyond stupid if you think for one instant that your product is superior. You...

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Last November 30th 2019 I went to one of the primo outlet inside a Walmart store in Houston texas. I deposited 2 empty...

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Poland Spring and Primo Water Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Poland Spring Bottled Water (73 reviews)
  • Poland Spring Delivery Service (27 reviews)
  • Poland Spring Customer Care (7 reviews)
  • Primo Water Bottled Water (30 reviews)
  • Primo Water Water Dispenser (24 reviews)
  • Primo Water Dispenser (14 reviews)