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Pissed Consumer

Pissed Consumer

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Pissed Consumer

Vimeo and Pissed Consumer Overview

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Pissed Consumer was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 17, 2007 and since then this brand received 710 reviews. It is 709 reviews more than Vimeo received since Mar 18, 2017.

Vimeo and Pissed Consumer Consumer Ratings

12 out of 756 in Media category
1 out of 180 in Review Websites and Directories category
23 in category
7 in category
Privacy and Data Security
22 in category
6 in category
Product or Service Quality
7 in category
5 in category

Vimeo and Pissed Consumer Rating Details

4 (1 review)
1.7 (179 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

I feel like Vimeo is like pretty exclusive - not in a bad way- The times I've used it where when I found great audiovisuals, you find interesting videos in this website. So far that's my experience, maybe I need to dive deeper to find more interesting material..


Unsubscribe From this website immediately..

Privacy and Data Security
3 (1 review)
1.7 (136 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

No items

I filed a complaint against a company. Have received NO resolution, NO refund, NO indication from the company that they had received any communication from Pissed Consumer.Yes - I'm still pissed - but now at this company as well as the original one.

Susan M
Product or Service Quality
5 (1 review)
1.7 (168 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

No items

My name is not Ashkat it's CHAD so I have no idea why you send me emails addressing myself as Ashkat!!! Looking over the past reviews etc related to my problem I see no outcome or comments of any kind so what service do you actually provide to help resolve our issues?..


Vimeo and Pissed Consumer Pros and Cons

  • Great videos
  • Great quality
  • Cool short films
  • Having a forum for my complaints
  • Outlet to vent
  • Allowed people to openly discuss issues without censorship
  • Privacy in some videos
  • No moderators or they are asleep
  • No immediate customer support
  • Customer support

Vimeo and Pissed Consumer Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

I feel like Vimeo is like pretty exclusive - not in a bad way-
The times I've used it where when I found great audiovisua...


When you are wronged and can't find satisfaction from the company or website, you want a place to tell the world of...

Vimeo and Pissed Consumer Most Critical Reviews

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I was raving about this site and the ability to get true opinions of vendors until now. I pull up a company which I am...

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Vimeo and Pissed Consumer Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Vimeo Streaming Service (1 review)
  • Pissed Consumer Website (164 reviews)
  • Pissed Consumer Review Listing (56 reviews)
  • Pissed Consumer Customer Care (51 reviews)