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Optima Tax Relief

Optima Tax Relief

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Wall And Associates

Wall And Associates

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Optima Tax Relief
Wall And Associates

Optima Tax Relief and Wall And Associates Overview

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Wall And Associates was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on May 24, 2013 and since then this brand received 155 reviews. It is 138 reviews more than Optima Tax Relief received since Oct 16, 2013. Wall And Associates responds to reviews and communicates with its consumers more often than Optima Tax Relief. Wall And Associates customer service team contacts its customers via PissedConsumer.com in 51 percent of cases. According to received "Issue Resolved" consumers' votes, a consumer is more likely to resolve issues with Optima Tax Relief customer support team than with Wall And Associates customer service.

Optima Tax Relief and Wall And Associates Consumer Ratings

15 out of 279 in Taxes category
9 out of 279 in Taxes category
12 in category
8 in category
Customer service
11 in category
10 in category
Discounts and Special Offers
13 in category
6 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Wall And Associates ranks 6 points higher in the Taxes category than Optima Tax Relief. People gave Optima Tax Relief 1.9 stars for Reliability criterion in Taxes category and it is 43 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Wall And Associates was rated 2.7 stars for Reliability criterion in this category and it is 47 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Customer service criterion, than we see that Wall And Associates has a higher rating than Optima Tax Relief. Regarding Discounts and Special Offers criterion, consumers gave Optima Tax Relief 1.5 stars and it is 76% greater than other in category. Wall And Associates however was rated 2.1 stars and it is 89% greater than other in category.

Optima Tax Relief and Wall And Associates Rating Details

1.9 (12 reviews)
2.7 (63 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

I had to pay $14,000 for Optima Tax to represent me. Found out after it was too late that I could have handled it myself and paid less taxes. They always led me to believe I would qualify for a program and get a tax deduction at the end. During the process, every time I asked for tangible account...

Charles N

Excellent job done by Joy Blankenship . In 2014 I had significant business losses, but IRS rejected to except my tax return and requested $32k+ in additional taxes. I paid thousands $$ to so called "tax specialists" from H&R, Fiducial and others. Nothing happened. Unpaid Tax Balance grown to $46k....

Vladimir R
Customer service
2.4 (11 reviews)
2.5 (70 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...00 so I'm a satisfied customer. The total service was 2700, which is a lot, but I don't have any house payments yo worry about ..

donald O

I have had two experiences using the services of Wall & Associates for assistance and support in dealing with the IRS.My first tax situation was for settling back taxes which had accumulated due to business issues, and which related to unfiled tax returns for several years. The IRS had calculated...

Doug L
Discounts and Special Offers
1.5 (10 reviews)
2.1 (52 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

We started working with Optima Tax Relief in Santa Ana, Ca. in June 2016. we paid them $5,000.00 to settle our tax debt with the IRS, and get us a payment plan we could afford. At first it was going well, we got reports as to what they were doing. Then they wanted to redo our 2014 and 2015 taxes,...

Myriam S

Hired them to take care of 2014 taxes. Had to pay $2500 in January 2017 for the first 3 months of their "service" just to get them in my corner. They didn't ask about having me redo the 2014 taxes because they were wrong until March 2017. That was an additional charge to another company because...


Optima Tax Relief and Wall And Associates Pros and Cons

  • Convincing me into doing something for me and my taxes
  • Misrepresented services
  • Customer service agent that took my original phone call
  • Worked hard on resolving my case with the irs
  • Service and trustworthiness
  • Worked hard to resolve my case with the irs
  • Took our money and in almost 2 years
  • Misrepresented services
  • Solutions offered
  • Did not perform as agreed
  • Refuse to refund payment
  • Money pit

Optima Tax Relief and Wall And Associates Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

I cashed out 64000 in order to pay my house off. The following year my tax software said I owed 29,030 in Federal taxes!...


Jessica with Wall & Associates is very professional and courteous. She has worked with us on federal and state tax...

Optima Tax Relief and Wall And Associates Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

I paid them $3K in July 2015 and to date, they have not not saved me a dime and I still owe the IRS the same as when I...


My name is Angelique Pierce and unfortunately I have become the victim of the shady practices of Wall & Associates,...

Optima Tax Relief and Wall And Associates Latest Reviews

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Took my money and still have the same problem haven't solved anything and its been 2 years. I'm starting to...

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I would recommend your company to anyone who needs help. An excellent job was well done for me. Returned my phone calls...

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Optima Tax Relief and Wall And Associates Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Optima Tax Relief Tax Resolution (14 reviews)
  • Optima Tax Relief Customer Care (1 review)
  • Wall And Associates Tax Resolution (93 reviews)
  • Wall And Associates Customer Care (32 reviews)