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Onerpm and Thumbtack Overview

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Thumbtack was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on May 18, 2012 and since then this brand received 2966 reviews. It is 2952 reviews more than Onerpm received since Oct 22, 2016.

Onerpm and Thumbtack Consumer Ratings

35 out of 403 in PR and Marketing category
71 out of 475 in Auctions and Marketplaces category
40 in category
61 in category
Product or Service Quality
30 in category
60 in category
Diversity of Products or Services
31 in category
78 in category

Onerpm and Thumbtack Rating Details

2 (9 reviews)
2.3 (1037 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...Tried on different browsers, different computers, called IT-people: something is wrong with the website. I hope they can help me really soon, otherwise it will be too late..

Paul C

...The website is absolutely flawed on multiple levels. Well the "employee" suffice to say gave me tons of bull for 30 minutes and dished out lies for why I need to spend a minimum of $600 for unproven services. Totally fraudulent claims and lies...

D. L
Product or Service Quality
1.6 (9 reviews)
1.8 (1025 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

onerpm.com say they are a digital music distribution company, but they're essentially a scam. They accept your music and put it on youtube and spotify and all that. But then, after a couple of months, they come up with a bogus copyright infringement thing - and bar you from even accessing your...


The quality of the lead is not and issue although, regardless of how many times I change the distance traveled it continues to go to 150 miles away??? SMH. The sales team are all english speaking in thumbtack, once they sell you then you no longer get anyone english speaking. The language barrier...

Diversity of Products or Services
1.9 (9 reviews)
2.1 (962 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Bad customer service. I can only find my songs one 5 sites and not the major ones either. They wont seem to respond to me wanting to remove all my music from the service. I will never upload another song with them again. Bad business. They should be ashamed. Yet I see famous people use them. I...


Here is the message I sent to them as I deactivated my account with them. To be fair, I did get a few customers over the years and I had great success as they turned into business customers, but that was years ago and many versions of how they changed their business...for the worse.I have used...

Jason M

Onerpm and Thumbtack Pros and Cons

  • Way you used to be
  • Concept
  • Idea
  • Ease of use
  • Way you treat artists now
  • Fact that you are now stealing artists blind
  • Lost money
  • No accountability
  • Customer service

Onerpm and Thumbtack Most Positive Reviews

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Hello my name is Nelson Norman I go by Apple cap on one RPM I have uploaded 12 songs to you guys website and I'm...


Any one can leave you a review without a problem, thumbtack does not investigate or research the so call complaint, they...

Onerpm and Thumbtack Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

I was with onerpm for about 6 months... I decided one day not to use their website no more and wrote them to have my...


As a contractor I have advertised in many forums and this by far is the biggest waste of valuable time and resources th...

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Bad customer service. I can only find my songs one 5 sites and not the major ones either. They wont seem to respond to...

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I have a customer who left a review before an issue was resolved. We resolved the issue and she would like to edit the...

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Onerpm and Thumbtack Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Onerpm Customer Care (4 reviews)
  • Onerpm Account (3 reviews)
  • Onerpm Website (2 reviews)
  • Thumbtack Leads (656 reviews)
  • Thumbtack Customer Care (192 reviews)
  • Thumbtack Account (175 reviews)