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Logo Designs Guarantee

Logo Designs Guarantee and WebCreationUK Overview

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Logo Designs Guarantee was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 3, 2012 and since then this brand received 54 reviews. It is 27 reviews more than WebCreationUK received since Mar 18, 2011.

Logo Designs Guarantee and WebCreationUK Consumer Ratings

197 out of 2200 in Professional Services category
27 out of 385 in Web Design and Development category
Customer service
161 in category
24 in category
147 in category
32 in category
135 in category
17 in category

Logo Designs Guarantee and WebCreationUK Rating Details

Customer service
1 (26 reviews)
2.8 (19 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...Their customer service is terrible and they are very difficult to get in touch with. You are better off anywhere, but with this company. ..


...They deaf to any customer requests. Once paid and done, you are on your own..

1.9 (23 reviews)
2.7 (18 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

I placed a logo order in October 2017 and was told that i had unlimited revisions, a free website, and guaranteed refund if not satisfied. Well, all of that was untrue. After the second request for a revision they staryed to not respond back...

Staci P

I could have got the website to the stage it is at now within a week with the wordpress knowledge I already have, the custom coding is what I was happy to pay for and thst is what they can not provide yet expect me to be happy with the website and refuse to refund. If no further response like...

1.1 (22 reviews)
3 (18 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

... before being allowed to advertise their live chat is a joke and its clear its not a uk person your speaking to and it gives the impression there are loads of staff . the live chat is rarely available and when it is it is evasive so you may as well talk to yourself. i ve had some fun on it....


Work transferred to staff in India with limited English and IT skills. I was very vocal online about my experience and as a result I still receive a high number of emails from other disgruntled clients. Three in the past few weeks! I question how this company is still able to operate when they...


Logo Designs Guarantee and WebCreationUK Pros and Cons

  • Unfinished work but no completion or delivery
  • Shambles and a misrepresentation
  • What was promised
  • Personal service
  • Website
  • Initial sales pitch
  • Treat you appallingly
  • Statement money back guarantee is false
  • Quality of logos and not recieving a refund
  • I did not like that i have been ripped off
  • Lied to
  • Did not deliver

Logo Designs Guarantee and WebCreationUK Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

In the last couple days I experienced the same as you. I ultimately paid "LogoDesignGuarantee.com" in excess of $500....


Nervous at how my website would look I was thrilled to see it emerge looking better than expected. Very pleased.

Logo Designs Guarantee and WebCreationUK Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

Last year i used Logo Design to design a logo which they did and i was quite happy with it. in may this year I took up t...



In 16yrs of business WebcreationUK are the worst company we have...

Logo Designs Guarantee and WebCreationUK Latest Reviews

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In September 2018 I order a logo for £40. For 10 days I did not hear anything from them. I emailed a couple of time...

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*EDIT*** I am reporting company to trading
standards anyone who wishes to add further evidence please contact me on melbu...

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Logo Designs Guarantee and WebCreationUK Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Logo Designs Guarantee Logo Design (35 reviews)
  • Logo Designs Guarantee Customer Care (2 reviews)
  • Webcreationuk Web Development (12 reviews)
  • Webcreationuk Customer Care (2 reviews)