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Customer service
  • Online videos 3
  • What they promise before the class 1
  • What possibilities the future can hold 1
  • Some of the exercises 1
  • Advanced leadership 1

Customers don't like

  • Training quality2
  • How they treat graduates after they have paid and attended class2
  • Wasting time sending 4 associates1
  • Training content1
  • Sponsor a champions workshop1

PSI Seminars

Customer service
  • Taking a good look at myself 2
  • Connecting with people 2
  • Learning tools to deal with jerks in the world 1
  • Excellent tools for transformation 1
  • Better way to approach life 1

Customers don't like

  • No one called back1

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We have attended both seminars.Neither better than the other.

If you are set on a LGAT type training, it all depends on how you like to be treated after the classes are over and you are paying down your credit cards.

We would say Klemmer Associates is milder version of PSI Seminars and they only do their marketing or upsell in the class. It is the classier company of the two. PSI Seminars has been around for a while with stable , or structured leadership, and very, very hardcore with upsell to more advanced classes.

Both companies' seminars are over priced, over hyped as you can see yourself from the abstract, generic, short term "shares" or testimonials based on how they feel vs what they have accomplished after the class. It is like this testimonials totally ignore the students participation and hard work, and give all credit to the LGAT, seminar and the facilitator.

Classic brainwashing by LGATS like Klemmer and PSI , yet the students are responsible to create their own value. Slick eh?

The internet has nightmare stories on both companies. PSI Seminars being more hard core. Hard to tell where Klemmer and Associates is headed with the new management team.

A lot of ex-PSI seminar facilitators left Klemmer and Associates, and the remaining few are considered newbies compared to PSI seminars instructors who have been around for more than 15 years.

Klemmer and Associates has a sword ceremony at Heart, very Culty, as well as a civic project. Lately it is falling far short of the amount of money to be raised to do a LOT of GOOD in a SHORT period of time for Project Mercy.

Maybe Krystal Zellmer and Roma Klemmer can match $1 for $1 the amount raised by the students in Klemmer and Associates Heart of the Samurai for Project Mercy? That way everyone has skin in the game.

Leading by example and showing compassion and contribution together with the paying students digging for their wallets, again and again at Heart of the Samurai in San Diego? PSI Seminars civic projects are around Clear Lake or their own Ranch! Both companies perform civic projects to get around the "culty " label. PSI in Clear Lake and Klemmer in San Diego.

Both have similar sounding vision, not suprising since Brian Klemmer spent 20+ years in PSI Seminars.

Both are LGATS and depend on paying clients to volunteer to market for them.that is how these LGAT trainings like Klemmer through Champion's Workshops and PSI through PLD.


Both are Large Group Awareness Training, LGAT type seminars.Both prey on moments of vulnerability...which leads to trust in facilitator...which leads to upgrade to the next class by the facilitator.

Whether ANY of these classes are useful is up to the participant, and whether it is sustainable.

Klemmer and associates, though branded a cult, have better customer service.A new Large Group Awareness Training started by Steve Hinton, ex-cult promoter at Klemmer and Associates is called "Base Camp", and spinoff recycled material.

Check out Klemmer and Associates blog and book about how highly Brian Klemmer thought of Steve Hinton, accolades in Compassionate Samurai about Steve Hinto, then nothing about how Steve Hinton was "Let Go"

Read cult education forum , klemmer and associates and steve Hinton for the history and decide for yourself.