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Ritz Crackers

Ritz Crackers and Keebler Overview

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Ritz Crackers was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Sep 2, 2010 and since then this brand received 1267 reviews. It is 1018 reviews more than Keebler received since Sep 4, 2014.

Ritz Crackers and Keebler Consumer Ratings

148 out of 893 in Food Manufacturers category
175 out of 893 in Food Manufacturers category
Product or Service Quality
136 in category
158 in category
Value for money
155 in category
142 in category
83 in category
125 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Ritz Crackers ranks 27 points higher in the Food Manufacturers category than Keebler. People gave Ritz Crackers 1.7 stars for Product or Service Quality criterion in Food Manufacturers category and it is 113 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Keebler was rated 1.5 stars for Product or Service Quality criterion in this category and it is 91 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Value for money criterion, than we see that Keebler has a higher rating than Ritz Crackers. Regarding Website criterion, consumers gave Ritz Crackers 2.7 stars and it is 67% greater than other in category. Keebler however was rated 2.3 stars and it is 50% worse than other in category.

Ritz Crackers and Keebler Rating Details

Product or Service Quality
1.7 (324 reviews)
1.5 (67 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

My name is JC from San Diego California I want you to know that I loved your product since b4 I could breath I'm pretty sure (thank you mom) for that part :-). I was always taught to always share whenever possible in life one or another. No matter what it may be...



Helen D
Value for money
1.8 (210 reviews)
1.9 (69 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...It is my opinion that the company to safe money and increase profits are watering down their batter on these crackers. Thus there is no substance or the batter is not thick enough after cooked. I am better purchasing crackers from the dollar store cause I am not purchasing this garbage any longer...

jim k

...I don’t want to but I’m not wasting my money anymore. BRING BACK MY FAVORITE CRACKERS!!!..

Joshua S
2.7 (188 reviews)
2.3 (35 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...I finally decided to contact Ritz from the distributor's website and I am currently awaiting a response. I will be glad to update this review following a response, if any. ..


You are making your crackers so cheap any more between to boxes over70% are broke and this has been this way for a long time. But I finally said I have to say something. .This is disgrace that you co is skimming so much on thier product. Its like you do have integrate any more.

Frank R

Ritz Crackers and Keebler Pros and Cons

  • Old ritz
  • Old ritz crackers that held together
  • I love ritz crackers
  • Way it was before
  • I am still waiting for an answer
  • Used to be good
  • Crackers crumble at touch
  • How crumbly the crackers at touch and in the packet
  • Crumbles
  • All the broken pieces
  • Taste
  • Quality of your products are getting worse

Ritz Crackers and Keebler Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

I want to see them on the shelves of all shops again where are they ??????? Me and my family love them I would buy at le...


I dislike the packaging very tacky!!

Ritz Crackers and Keebler Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

I bought Ritz crackers buy one get one free just before Labor Day; a big mistake. The crackers fall to pieces when...


Keebler /kellogg on Madison and 28th in grand Rapids support adultery william travis hooper and April bouwens having an...

Ritz Crackers and Keebler Latest Reviews

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They are so crumbly now..I swear if you look at them to hard they crumble. Whatever they did to cause this change,...

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Bought 24 stack box of Keebler club crackers.
Dropped box on concrete parking pad.
The whole box came apart, spilling my 2...

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