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Michelle Whitedove

Michelle Whitedove

Has verified representatives


Has verified representatives
Michelle Whitedove

Michelle Whitedove and Kasamba Overview

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Kasamba was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 20, 2007 and since then this brand received 129 reviews. It is 93 reviews more than Michelle Whitedove received since Jul 27, 2010. Michelle Whitedove responds to reviews and communicates with its consumers more often than Kasamba. Michelle Whitedove customer service team contacts its customers via PissedConsumer.com in 89 percent of cases.

Michelle Whitedove and Kasamba Consumer Ratings

102 out of 1247 in Entertainment category
11 out of 395 in Astrology category
Price Affordability
123 in category
16 in category
Customer service
89 in category
11 in category
Product or Service Quality
78 in category
13 in category

Michelle Whitedove and Kasamba Rating Details

Price Affordability
1 (8 reviews)
1.9 (18 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Please don't buy into the scam "No. 1 Psychic" she is NOT no. one no one can say that in the USA< AMERICA HAS NOT VOTED. These TV shows are NOT done with integrity. They preselected her to use her for dark purposes, such as promoting dark companies, such as Theta coin or Bitcoin cash.She is 100%...

Ernesto C

...Also my session was bad for the price, my advisor had many typos and it all didn’t seem legit. The fact that I was overcharged for such a bad reading makes me even more upset..

Rachelle A
Customer service
1.1 (8 reviews)
2.3 (61 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

I have had a reading with Whitedove 1.5 years ago-I have lost 650 US $ I will never get back and that hour wasted neither! She was wrong on everthing. Nothing she has told me made any sense to me or came true. Then the shady prediction that I would find my grandma's tresure! My grandma was poor and...


Come to find out by reaching out to Kasamba, if your a repeat customer, you have to send them a message to talk to them and they apparently decide if they want to talk to you. I messaged Amber's light on April 23rd and have not gotten answered. I just feel they took my money to get me started and...

Jennifer W
Product or Service Quality
1.1 (8 reviews)
2.2 (58 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

I attended an overpriced workshop of hers in August and it was a total waste of time. The story about her dying and coming back - not so sure I'm buying it after witnessing her rambling answers to people's questions. Sounds like it's all made up for her to sell books and charge people $550 for a...

Anthony B

Took my money and didn't talk to no one


Michelle Whitedove and Kasamba Pros and Cons

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  • Sonya starr angel
  • Psychic yazmin
  • Nice people
No votes
  • How they ripped me off
  • Waste of my time
  • Way to much money

Michelle Whitedove and Kasamba Most Positive Reviews

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No votes

Can. they unrestrict my acount i can't login and pay.

Michelle Whitedove and Kasamba Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

This chick is a total fraud and completely full of ego. The *** still goes around, over ten years later, calling...


They are a scam they only want your money and there is no other department they have *** call center ppl only there to...

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I have had a reading with Whitedove 1.5 years ago-I have lost 650 US $ I will never get back and that hour wasted...

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I did not try to hey to time out paying one time I'll paying for the $10 but they took out $35 can you refund at $35...

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Michelle Whitedove and Kasamba Products and Services

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  • Kasamba Psychic Reading (73 reviews)
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