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Tlg Great Fun and Joann Fabric Overview

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Joann Fabric was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Feb 21, 2008 and since then this brand received 956 reviews. It is 352 reviews more than Tlg Great Fun received since Dec 15, 2007. According to received "Issue Resolved" consumers' votes, a consumer is more likely to resolve issues with Joann Fabric customer support team than with Tlg Great Fun customer service.

Tlg Great Fun and Joann Fabric Consumer Ratings

23 out of 303 in Gift Cards, Rewards and Cashbacks category
8 out of 228 in Craft Supplies and Tools category
31 in category
6 in category
Product or Service Quality
23 in category
5 in category
Value for money
13 in category
5 in category

Tlg Great Fun and Joann Fabric Rating Details

1.7 (55 reviews)
2.3 (293 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...Repeatedly tried to get the 2nd rebate thru their website greatfunsite. com and by telephone 877-488-9840 but NEVER received the money. Finally gave up as spent more than $25...

Sabrina F

I order a planner from the website and it was completely bent on every corner. This isn’t the first time it happens either. The product came in a plastic bag in which case it should come in a box to prevent it from getting damaged..

Sue A
Product or Service Quality
1.5 (48 reviews)
2.3 (312 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...I called customer service today, and they said they had no record of my ever having called. I spoke to Paul who gave me a confirmation number for the cancellation. He said as a "courtesy" they were mailing me a check for the $50 I was promised...

Inez G

Ordered fabric online which was in stock. Get an e-mail saying part of the order was canceled. But waited to the shipping date because they hadn't refunded the money. After I e-mailed them they sent back a new stock number and said it would be sent for the same price. So I call the phone number I...

Michael G
Value for money
2 (31 reviews)
2.5 (232 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

I am now looking for my cancelation email so that I can make sure I get my money back. for a product i did not use! They make it seem as if you get an instant rebate for your purchase, you do not! you have to wait for an email that is not marked as such, then print it out and attach all of your...


The phone number is not going through I’ve been trying to order for over two hours I had to go all through the steps to get the number and the number is wrong and this is absolutely ridiculous I make Over 300 blankets a year I had surgery and can’t drive I am so completely upset with your store...


Tlg Great Fun and Joann Fabric Pros and Cons

  • With timely rebates and great customer service
  • Get rebates on fun things we like to do
  • Easy money
  • Wide variety of prints
  • Friendly staff
  • Products
  • Being ripped off
  • Pressure
  • Way they tell you one thing and do another
  • Poor customer service
  • Bad manager attitude
  • False advertising

Tlg Great Fun and Joann Fabric Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

I don't have any business with tlggreatfun and you should never deduct any fund in my capital one or any of my account...


I just left a very unpleasant shopping experience at Joanne's. The person cutting the fabric was not interested in...

Tlg Great Fun and Joann Fabric Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

In June, I used Spirit Airline to book tickets for my family. I received a telephone from TLG call shortly after...


Joann Fabrics is one of those businesses that stays in business in spite of having the MOST horrible customer service on...

Tlg Great Fun and Joann Fabric Latest Reviews

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Personally I don't see why people have issues with GreatFun and the rebates. I simply listened carefully, paid my $1...

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I ordered yarn online. It showed online that they were all in stock. They took the money out of my account but then...

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Tlg Great Fun and Joann Fabric Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Tlg Great Fun Membership (124 reviews)
  • Tlg Great Fun Rebate (85 reviews)
  • Tlg Great Fun Customer Care (3 reviews)
  • Joann Fabric Customer Care (186 reviews)
  • Joann Fabric Manager (78 reviews)
  • Joann Fabric Coupon (70 reviews)