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Jewel Osco

Jewel Osco and Meijer Overview

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Meijer was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Nov 16, 2007 and since then this brand received 542 reviews. It is 308 reviews more than Jewel Osco received since Sep 29, 2014.

Jewel Osco and Meijer Consumer Ratings

55 out of 623 in Food Stores category
59 out of 623 in Food Stores category
Customer service
42 in category
73 in category
Diversity of Products or Services
57 in category
60 in category
Price Affordability
60 in category
63 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Jewel Osco ranks 4 points higher in the Food Stores category than Meijer. People gave Jewel Osco 2.1 stars for Customer service criterion in Food Stores category and it is 109 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Meijer was rated 1.8 stars for Customer service criterion in this category and it is 78 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Diversity of Products or Services criterion, than we see that Meijer has a higher rating than Meijer. Regarding Price Affordability criterion, consumers gave Jewel Osco 2.7 stars and it is 60% greater than other in category. Meijer however was rated 2.7 stars and it is 58% greater than other in category.

Jewel Osco and Meijer Rating Details

Customer service
2.1 (127 reviews)
1.8 (195 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

I entered the store to make a purchase in the express lane and I only had one item and I saw a lady by the name of and working in the customer service department and she told me that I would have to stand in line with the rest of the people . All their carts were full I wanted one single item from...


...Corporate who referred me to the store manager who sent me to the customer service counter. Clearly they care..

Diversity of Products or Services
2.8 (120 reviews)
2.8 (171 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...All Kretschmar products were 20% off, what’s the point they can’t keep in stock..


...Expired products still on the shelf because what is rotating? They developed a system to improve this and it actually made things worse (as someone that did rotate, their new system was flawed and counterproductive). Frozen products? Yeah, they are left out until they almost need to be thrown away..

Maitland G
Price Affordability
2.7 (119 reviews)
2.7 (176 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

... couple of times a year and would go to my neighborhood Jewel Osco to shop , about 6 years ago I started to see the changes on the amount of selection and the price of items I would normally purchase , the store seemed dark and dreary from what I had remembered. I brought up the topic to my extended family and the all said they no longer sho at Jewel because of the price difference, one even said she would do her grocery shopping at Target if she had to ...

Gary H

...He took one dish towel and rang it up four times (I used a price scanner on the floor - they were all the same price). I paid for my purchase and began to walk to the exit. The Meijer door greeter, i...

Rebecca H

Jewel Osco and Meijer Pros and Cons

  • Convenience of the store to where i live
  • Ilike to shopping at jewel osco
  • I depend on delivery service
  • Store itself is fine
  • We normally shop once weekly and always spend over 100
  • Store and all the variety they carry
  • Rude employees
  • Bad experience
  • Read my review
  • Customer service
  • Bad management
  • That the employee was disrespectful

Jewel Osco and Meijer Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

I like the customer service specially Deli department and hot bar they have really good service at jewelosco in skokie...


Same old thing. Cashier did not put my bags in my cart. It is there job. She swung the turnstyle for me to do and swung...

Jewel Osco and Meijer Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

Staff are rude, and for what because you have a problem with someone you know nothing about. Too many situations to...


had to wait an hour after they have the prescription for 4 hours before then they didn't have it all

Jewel Osco and Meijer Latest Reviews

Recent published reviews

Where did Jewel Osco go???
Your service has become deplorable, there are never any baggers, but I counted 10 employees fi...

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I worked at Meijer, so I shopped at Meijer. The employees at most of the facilities are lifeless underappreciated...

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Jewel Osco and Meijer Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Jewel Osco Customer Care (44 reviews)
  • Jewel Osco Manager (28 reviews)
  • Jewel Osco Cashier (18 reviews)
  • Meijer Customer Care (65 reviews)
  • Meijer Manager (56 reviews)
  • Meijer Coupon (16 reviews)