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Job Corps

Ig4Naukri and Job Corps Overview

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Job Corps was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 10, 2010 and since then this brand received 123 reviews. It is 118 reviews more than Ig4Naukri received since Feb 3, 2018.

Ig4Naukri and Job Corps Consumer Ratings

37 out of 563 in Job Search and Employment category
40 out of 563 in Job Search and Employment category
23 in category
29 in category
Turnaround Time
16 in category
21 in category
13 in category
22 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Ig4Naukri ranks 3 points higher in the Job Search and Employment category than Job Corps. People gave Ig4Naukri 2.3 stars for Staff criterion in Job Search and Employment category and it is 135 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Job Corps was rated 2 stars for Staff criterion in this category and it is 129 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Turnaround Time criterion, than we see that Ig4Naukri has a higher rating than Job Corps. Regarding Reliability criterion, consumers gave Ig4Naukri 3 stars and it is 92% greater than other in category. Job Corps however was rated 1.8 stars and it is 86% greater than other in category.

Ig4Naukri and Job Corps Rating Details

2.3 (3 reviews)
2 (41 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Siddhartha khurana may be the team leader of this fraud company, he called me for job offering at Tata steel tarapur & taken money on behalf of registration ( 3450/-) then for paper verification (approx.9000/-) after he conducted telephonic interview (approx. 9000/-), I don't know who was that...

jitendra k

I'm a current student here at Job corps they mistreat you, staff treat you as if you're dumb, they have favoritism towards certain students, they pick and choose who gets terminated and who stays even if both deserve to be terminated. The food most of the time undercooked. chicken would be pink...

Jasmyn B
Turnaround Time
2.5 (2 reviews)
1.9 (27 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...they are doing any time of fake promises but all promises of this company are true. i working in tata steel as a engineer. my recruitment and joining process was done through ig4naukri...


...I've had a number of complications that hindered my progress during my time there. Got sick for almost two weeks straight. Ended up with Bell's Palsy for four months in a row (waking up to half of a functional face is not fun)...

Isac W
3 (2 reviews)
1.8 (38 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

No items

My boyfriend was going to job Corp for welding the first day he got there he got jumped by five guys and beat him! The staff was so rude, didn’t care what was happening while he was scared of what might happen. One lady really helped him to make sure he was alright he has a broken finger bruised...


Ig4Naukri and Job Corps Pros and Cons

  • Trust worthyness
  • Punctuality
  • Few staff who care
  • Free education
  • Work opportunity
  • Not providing service only getting money
  • Fraud
  • Cheater
  • Inexcusable behavior from residential advisors
  • Student anarchy
  • Unruly students

Ig4Naukri and Job Corps Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

ig4naukri.com is such a great firm in india first i received call from this company i thought this company i doing fraud...


Jobs corps is a place for 2nd chance youth to get thier act together It gives them an opportunity to earn an education...

Ig4Naukri and Job Corps Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

They call the people by saying foreign , taking 3540 for registration , then taking amount of 8500 for medical test .


Job Corps is full of government *** artists. All they care about if admitting as many people as possible. There was 1 te...

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Siddhartha khurana may be the team leader of this fraud company, he called me for job offering at Tata steel tarapur & t...

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Gary Jobcorps Center in Texas
My son went to Gary Center in San Marco's this past August. He lasted 2 days. I was deeply...

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Ig4Naukri and Job Corps Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Ig4Naukri Engineer Recruitment (2 reviews)
  • Ig4Naukri Recruitment (1 review)
  • Job Corps Program (24 reviews)
  • Job Corps Recruitment (5 reviews)
  • Job Corps Customer Care (4 reviews)