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Supermarkets and Malls
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
  • Product 10
  • Price 8
  • Would rate zero stars if i could 6
  • Location 6
  • Friendliness of staff 6

Customers don't like

  • Customer service94
  • Customer service received30
  • Service12
  • Lack of response11
  • How they have handled this situation7

Home Depot

Supermarkets and Malls
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
  • Location of store 10
  • Product availability 6
  • Service at the store 5
  • Product selection 5
  • Location 4

Customers don't like

  • Lack of customer service28
  • Customer service19
  • Unwilling to fix problem5
  • Unwilling to fix problems4
  • Policy4

A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in its profile. The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. The algorithm is subject to change in future.


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I think these two stores are the competitors and they monitor each other closely on prices and services. I have been shopping in both stores with no issues for years.

However, my last online shopping experiences on made me think again. A store responsible for delivering appliances could raise the ordered prices, after telling the customer that they need to re-order one item due to finding a damaged one in-store.

Ridiculous. This is a store in California, while I don't have issues with local lowes in Michigan.


We are going to start using them, we will see!!!


Products offered-wise gives the home decor edge to Lowes, the fix it stuff to HD. I think the prices are generally lower at HD, and its much easier going through the cashiers and obtaining a military discount at HD than at Lowes. Having had a bad experience with an extended warranty last month at Lowes, I will not go back, and all my shopping will now be at HD.

to pequa1 #1489527

HD doesn’t give military


The people at both local stores are friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoy shopping both stores but admit the Lowe's stores seem brighter, cleaner, and have more of the products I want.

It's easier to get my veteran discount at Lowe's because they just swipe my loyalty card. HD employees tell me the discount is only for active duty or retired military (except on certain days). HD rebates are easy to do online.I went to both stores for carpet and liked the selections.

HD measured and gave me a hard time about some floor tiles - said there was a height difference and there might be friable asbestos. Lowe's did the job and even replaced that new carpet for free when the color didn't work out (the wife liked the swatch but not the carpet).


Fist Home Depot does not care about you the coustomer,what I found out is Home Depot keep your c/c card on file with it xxxxxxx5464 and the other on file on the p.o.s.system with your full c/c number for months,I no as much as six months later and as far back as 2005.also employees can look up these full numbers and run them off,one right after the other.sham on Carol Tome of Home Depot my review on far as Lowe’s when this happened to me Lowe’s DOES NOT KEEP YOUR C/C ON FILE AND EMPLOYEES DO NOT HAVE THE Ability to look them up. That’s the difference she might Home Depot


Years ago Home Depot had the edge on service. Lowes had recently improved enough that due to my military discount being effective online with Lowes, Lowes was given the nod most of the time.

Now with Lowes service having slipped it was a coin toss.

Rebates with Home Depot is simple, with Lowes its a bitch. It got to the point with a recent issue with Lowes rebate being denied, when I submitted the needed paperwork, that I'm back to Home Depot.

Product offerings are similar.

All in all it's back to Home Depot.


Home Depot gives you your money back, with no questions asked. Also, if they don't have an item, they will swap a similar item at more than the 5% discount that lowes gives you.

Lowes thinks that 5% off is a discount. Go to the Home Depot, they will take better care of you.....LOWES IS TERRIBLE.

No flexibility on that 5%. Will never shop there again


They are equally bad. We will always shop at a locally owned business. Lowes and Home Depot take your money and provide no customer service.


Both these stores have gone more downhill from when they first opened. Now i prefer to find local to shop .high prices poor quality and terrible customer service from both home depot and lowes


Sorry left one special words out . Correct below .

The words is BAD .

Very bad service by LOWES .Home Depot is better.

The people were very bad to customer .

Wait to talk to there representative on the phone for 45 minutes or more . If you buy from them .

Good luck .This will be my last .


Very service by LOWES . Home Depot is better.

The people were very bad to customer . Wait to talk to there representative on the phone for 45 minutes or more . If you buy from them .

Good luck . This will be my last .

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1339438

Home Depot is easily better then Lowes; they sell more "AMERICAN" made products! Thats a fact!

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1335797

Home Depot has never had to deliver appliances to my residence.

Fairfax, Virginia, United States #1328631

Lowes tend to have more knowledgeable staff, and better customer care, but obviously the cooperate level feels that they have an abundance of customers, so makes difficult and rigid non customer friendly policies.

Home depot return policy's are more consumer friendly, and Home depot makes more of an effort to accommodate there clients when a complaint goes to cooperate office.

As a whole Home Depot is much more consumer focused.

Redding, California, United States #1326656

I smell something rotten in the air of big box building supply stores! In Redding California, we have 1 Lowe's & 1 Home Depot.

One has the product I want installed, but they have no installers who want to do the work, while Home Depot has installers, yet no product that I would feel compliments the front of the house. Just the same basic builder grade stuff that every other house seems to be wearing these days.

WTF is wrong with Lowe's? Is it that hard to find people to do the work in Redding, or are they not paying fair wages to these people?


home depot is much more customer friendly !