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General Mills

General Mills and Kelloggs Overview

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Kelloggs was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 27, 2009 and since then this brand received 584 reviews. It is 398 reviews more than General Mills received since Apr 21, 2010.

General Mills and Kelloggs Consumer Ratings

124 out of 1015 in Food Manufacturers category
169 out of 1015 in Food Manufacturers category
Product or Service Quality
92 in category
171 in category
110 in category
111 in category
Diversity of Products or Services
131 in category
123 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, General Mills ranks 45 points higher in the Food Manufacturers category than Kelloggs. People gave General Mills 2 stars for Product or Service Quality criterion in Food Manufacturers category and it is 153 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Kelloggs was rated 1.4 stars for Product or Service Quality criterion in this category and it is 74 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Website criterion, than we see that Kelloggs has a higher rating than Kelloggs. Regarding Diversity of Products or Services criterion, consumers gave General Mills 2.3 stars and it is 53% worse than other in category. Kelloggs however was rated 2.4 stars and it is 50% worse than other in category.

General Mills and Kelloggs Rating Details

Product or Service Quality
2 (45 reviews)
1.4 (190 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...Evidently General Mills has ceased making those products. I bought boxes of the original variety of bars weekly. They supplied needed fiber and were delicious...

Ashley C

I dont know why they just didnt leave a good thing alone but the POst golden crisps are good I also see another cheaper brand that is good MAlt o Meal

m m
2.4 (44 reviews)
2.4 (104 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Cinnamon Toast Crunch on sale. Wife poured a bowl. Had small black winged bugs in it.Are you kidding me? Is this why it was on sale, to get rid of it?

Frederick M

...either by email on website and facebook page. Very very unhappy. Just lost money :-(..

Diversity of Products or Services
2.3 (41 reviews)
2.4 (114 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Voicemail I think you all should give to family that need the money I live in a run down mobile home in disability an got two kids to take care of that something you need to look at


They will lose so many customers,Sugar smacks were my favorite but not anymore, but worse frosted flakes tastes like corn flakes when it hits the milk. Food *** suck, and they are messing with people who eat these cereals daily, and the ones who dont, but see that box in the aisle and buy one for...

Brian D

General Mills and Kelloggs Pros and Cons

  • Frosted toast crunch
  • Beginning response
  • Never had a lroblem
  • Old honey smacks recipe
  • Original honey smacks
  • Use to be good
  • Disappointed in the shrinking product for your profit margin
  • Trash
  • Usless offers
  • New recipe
  • Recipe switch on honey smacks cereal
  • Horriable taste and texture for honey smacks so dissappointed

General Mills and Kelloggs Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

I trusted you with my stomach issues. I've felt sick for two weeks from eating cheerios. I knew something wasn't right....


Pour cereal in bowel and there was a staple. My 8 year old found it. I told him are you sure it can't be.He picked it...

General Mills and Kelloggs Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

The Green Giant Steamer Brussels sprouts are terrible. They're too large, woody, and tasteless. Where are those old...


Found dead bugs floating on the milk. Totaly grossed out forever on Kelloggs Brand. Bought it at Walmart and this...

General Mills and Kelloggs Latest Reviews

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The clam chowder was good except there was only one clam small at that very disappointed might as well call it potatoe...

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Just bring back the original “taffy cream recipe”. Don’t try to give this too much thought, your replacement is pure ***...

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General Mills and Kelloggs Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • General Mills Commercial (20 reviews)
  • General Mills Cereal (11 reviews)
  • General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal (7 reviews)
  • Kelloggs Honey Smacks Cereal (369 reviews)
  • Kelloggs Cereal (38 reviews)
  • Kelloggs Cookies (14 reviews)