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Frontier Communications

Has verified representatives
Customer service
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Billing Practices
Diversity of Products or Services
  • When it was verizon 10
  • Firing frontier 10
  • Nothing so far 10
  • Service technicians 8
  • friendly Customer service 7

Customers don't like

  • Very bad customer service94
  • Poor service28
  • False billing pratice25
  • Customer service22
  • Poor communication18

Time Warner Cable

Customer service
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Billing Practices
Diversity of Products or Services
  • Internet speed when it works 11
  • No contract 7
  • Field technician 6
  • Variety of channels 6
  • Techs who came to my home 4

Customers don't like

  • Lack of problem solving29
  • No solution to simple task27
  • Argumentative customer service23
  • Customer service15
  • Frequent cable outages14

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They both suck. Overpriced, horrible customer service, and total incompetent. Good that hire mentally disabled people until you have to deal with them. No joke. A repairman told me he was late for therapy - shrink.
Time warner is not in my area! Comcast cable is the other company! Frontier is horrible - I quit shortly. Poor DVR use, poor picture quality, poor ON DEMAND tv programming. In addition there is a major bait and switch - $400 promised after 90 days BUT when 90 days are up they say it is only if service is paid for 2 years! They claim no service contracts ever!! So what is the unwritten 2 years needed to be paid for the reward advertised as a 90 day benefit??? Online website is useless! Send out promotional ads for seasonal service - but they are only for additional security program, not seasonal service!! Nothing is ever in writing!!!
Frontier is the worst company I've ever dealt with. They bait and switch and I can hardly stand to even see their ads. I have Bright House since 1994, and I went back to them about a horrible experience with Frontier. (Bright House was Time Warner when I first started with them). Never get Frontier!!!!!!!!!!!
Horseshoe Bay, Texas, United States #1235098
*** frontier, I rather commit suicide than to ever do business with frontier ever again!
I've never had Time Warner but I might, soon. Like most people here, I loved Verizon but what's the use of FIOS technology if you're switched (without warning) to a company that either a) doesn't know how to use it or b) knows how to abuse it? I've had digital speed throttling, missing channels, differing amounts charged on statements, no customer service and no one listens when you have a problem and you want assistance. And, let's not forget how, while you're on interminable hold, they boast that their customer service is based in the US but you get put through to someone who has an accent you can't cut through, and who uses the same phrases and responses they have memorized from a playbook. I have nothing against people who have accents, I find them charming, however when dealing with a customer it is imperative that the representative is capable of both understanding the customer and being understood by same. if Frontier hijacks your FIOS, RUN!
Time Warner Cable - 10x's better than Frontier. Ya. Frontier IS really THAT bad.
Redlands, California, United States #1196999
Three months of over billing by Frontier. Think it's straightened out each time but it never is. Asked for a supervisor & they said he would call back. Nope. No customer service at night (even though website says 24/7). Turned off all my premium (paid) channels one weekend for no reason. I loved Verizon for years and love FIOS but Frontier has had their last chance with me. Not looking forward to TWC but don't see a better solution. Not interested in satellite.
Tampa, Florida, United States #1196955
I currently have Frontier, formerly Verizon , in Florida. I AM FED UP AND TIRED OF FRONTIERS POOR CUSTOMERSERVICE, EVERY MONTH THEY SEND A DIFFERENT BILL FOR THE SAME SERVICE. I lost my caller ID, Whenever I call customer service generally result in "I can't help you" than they transfer the call to a non-existing department where you promptly get hung up on without ever making it to a live person. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO CHECK MY MESSAGES. FRONTIER'S SERVICE IS TERRIBLE.
Whittier, California, United States #1186356
I currently have Frontier, formerly Verizon, in California. I don't know how bad TWC could be but Frontier is a dumpster fire. My phones havn't worked correctly for 2 months, I lost my caller ID, I keep getting error messages that the network is off line and calls to customer service generally result in "I can't help you" or the infamous transfer to a non-existent department where you promptly get hung up on without ever making it to a person. Do yourself a favor....take whatever deal anyone else is offering for a year or so and then check back. Verizon was great, Frontier is awful
Irving, Texas, United States #1185888
Aka: Tex311
I've lived here since 2009. I've had TWC twice, Verizon FiOS twice & the 2nd time (most current) is when it switched to Frontier Communications which is still FiOS. See my 1st comment below (Tex311). I said it then & I'll say it again; I'd never go back to Time Warner Cable for anything!! Even though I was pissed when Verizon was suddenly switched to Frontier without any warning; me & TWC do not get along! With Frontier (after the switch) I realized that I somehow had 2 account numbers, 1 was inactive with a credit & 1 was active with a balance due. I called (and was nice
Irving, Texas, United States #1182187
Frontier, formally Verizon Fios, has come around. Tech came out with new DVR & their customer service calls are now going to their home office in Connecticut with English speaking reps. I think when they flipped the switch they were routing all calls to India which was the time period I was pissed & couldn't figure things out. But things are smoothing out to my approval. I'd never go back to Time Warner Cable for anything!!
Bradenton, Florida, United States #1182184
Frontier is absolutely the worst. I was supposed to get a credit, etc etc.