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Flower Delivery Express

Flower Delivery Express and ProFlowers Overview

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Flower Delivery Express was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Sep 21, 2011 and since then this brand received 1659 reviews. It is 326 reviews more than ProFlowers received since Jan 10, 2008. According to received "Issue Resolved" consumers' votes, a consumer has equal chances to resolve issues with Flower Delivery Express customer support team and ProFlowers customer service.

Flower Delivery Express and ProFlowers Consumer Ratings

56 out of 277 in Flowers / Florist category
29 out of 277 in Flowers / Florist category
Customer service
41 in category
26 in category
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
38 in category
21 in category
45 in category
25 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, ProFlowers ranks 27 points higher in the Flowers / Florist category than Flower Delivery Express. People gave Flower Delivery Express 1.1 stars for Customer service criterion in Flowers / Florist category and it is 46 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, ProFlowers was rated 1.3 stars for Customer service criterion in this category and it is 61 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy criterion, than we see that ProFlowers has a higher rating than Flower Delivery Express. Regarding Website criterion, consumers gave Flower Delivery Express 1.6 stars and it is 51% worse than other in category. ProFlowers however was rated 2.1 stars and it is 71% greater than other in category.

Flower Delivery Express and ProFlowers Rating Details

Customer service
1.1 (484 reviews)
1.3 (265 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Tell us how we did! We pride ourselves in our customer service and would love to hear any comments you may have. Feedback Any issues or problems and we will do our best to resolve it. On behalf of the entire customer service team, we truly appreciate that you chose us to be part of this important...


...Very dissatisfied with proflowers customer service as well..

Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
1 (460 reviews)
1.4 (242 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...Lilies!!!!!!!! I'm livid! I call customer service and I'm hung up on twice and once put on hold for an extremely extensive amount of time! I asked for a refund and I was sent to three different people, two of which I was hung up on. Finally someone that could help me informs me that tulips aren't in season. Well then don't have them on your *** website!!!!!! I am livid! $70 for a bouquet of...


...I got refund (I hope) , and will NEVER use them ever again. Stay away from this sorry company!..

1.6 (426 reviews)
2.1 (254 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

It was delivered 3 hours and it was the RIDICULOUS! It didn't look anything like the picture on the website. It was tiny and small with just 3 roses and 6 flowers and a cheap clear round vase. Some of the flowers shown on the website were not even on the arrangement! It was supposed to be a full...


...All over website it says get flowers on Valentines day. Did checkout and got to see all the fees that are not advertised more than doubling the advertised price. Part of fee is "Guaranteed Delivery on Valentines Day...

Vin E

Flower Delivery Express and ProFlowers Pros and Cons

  • Never having to do business with again
  • Website easy to use
  • Great website
  • Selection
  • Website
  • Initial prices
  • Customer service
  • False advertisement
  • False advertising
  • Customer service
  • Hidden costs
  • Fraudulant representation

Flower Delivery Express and ProFlowers Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

I order flowers to be delivered to my work to myself for my birthday. I wanted to enjoy the oohs and ahs of flowers...


I have used ProFlowers for years and was always very satisfied with the service. But now that FTD has taken over, they...

Flower Delivery Express and ProFlowers Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

I ordered flowers on 8/26/2014 for same day delivery. The deals on line were great. I selected a floral arrangement...


This company is a total scam! I bought an on-line coupon that should have saved me $15, instead I find that not only is...

Flower Delivery Express and ProFlowers Latest Reviews

Recent published reviews

Dear ...... Please accept my sincere apology for the recent issue you have had with my company. I take your experience...

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I ordered flowers for my brother-in-law. Flowers arrived dead in 12/16/19. I called and promised delivery on 12/17/19. F...

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