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Gadgets and Accessories
Customer service
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Diversity of Products or Services
  • Way it monitors sleep 7
  • Product while it worked 6
  • Size and form factor 3
  • Product when it worked 3
  • Product concept 3

Customers don't like

  • Customer service9
  • Lack of any customer support6
  • Product reliability4
  • Warranty3
  • Online support yields only a generic reply3


Gadgets and Accessories
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Customer service
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Diversity of Products or Services
  • I enjoy the device while it works 6
  • Tracking steps and sleep 4
  • That i could measure my fitness 4
  • Relatively accurate monitor 3
  • Love it when it dosnt fall apart 3

Customers don't like

  • That it broke so quickly6
  • Customer service6
  • Lack of warranty their stalling tactics or their product5
  • Arrogant and ineffective service policy5
  • Warranty4

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I don't see the usefulness of comparing two companies when I have only used the product from one of them. From what you show here, both companies are selling defective products and refusing to support them.

I am grateful that I can see the statistics for both, as I have learned from personal experience that Fitbit is a company that has no intention of producing a product that works as intended and is supported by their company, and now I am forewarned that Jawbone is another company that I will avoid in the future. This comparison feature seems to be of limited usefulness because it's only available after one has been damaged by one or the other companies. Maybe I am mistaken and this information is readily available to consumers before they purchase products from companies that don't care if the product is actually functional beyond the first few weeks when they beg for reviews.

I would certainly appreciate seeing this kind of information about products before I purchase them. If that's the intent, then I will wholeheartedly support it.


I cannot compare Fitbit to jawbone because I have only owned jawbone. However, I see clearly others have the exact same issues with Jawbone.

won't answer consumer and no way to contact by phone on web site.

product fails before the 1 year warrantee

company fails to honor warrantee, using loopholes or completely ignoring consumer

in reading other reviews, it appear Fitbit won't honor warrantee AFTER the warrantee period expires, and I can see that is valid. Jawbone claims 1 year warrantee but it is not going to be honored, believe me.


I own both a Jawbone (UP3) and 2 Fitbits (Flex and Surge). I started with Fitbit but switched to Jawbone because Fitbit did not have and continues to lack a smart alarm - one that wakes you when you are in a light phase of sleep.

I don't sleep well and it makes a huge difference to me if I wake from light sleep vs. deep sleep. Fitbit users have been asking Fitbit to add this feature for at least 2 years, now. After 1 year, I gave up and bought a Jawbone.

The Jawbone doesn't have some of the other features of Fitbit (e.g., real time HR or telling time). I was happy enough with my Jawbone until the wristband broke on month 10. It was still under warranty, so I tried to contact the company. After 3 weeks, 3 emails and 2 attempts to contact Jawbone through their web site, I started looking for a phone number.

None to be found. In fact, other users have posted that Jawbone has been inaccessible to any customers since January, 2017.

So, I am switching back to Fitbit, which appears to have much better customer support. I just wish

to In search of sleep #1497321

I’m having problems with jawbone app for three weeks especially the sleep data not showing up. What’s going on with Jawbone are they not in business.

to In search of sleep #1497676

Think before you go back to Fitbit. Their customer service is useless and their newer Ionic has issues that they aren't doing anything about.

They just quote their restrictive warranty (buy it from their website or a limited number of resellers, so to be safer, buy at full price from their website) and they typically offer a 25% discount on a new tracker, which isn't a bargain when the one you and everyone else has is defective. They do answer, unlike Jawbone, but they are rude and accusatory and ultimately don't support their products. Even if you buy from them, if your tracker hits a year old, it's considered by them to be unfixable and they just try to sell you a new one.

Mine went wonky and started counting thousands of steps in minutes when I wasn't even moving, but they said I bought it from the wrong place so they offered to replace a watch that was less than 2 months old at a discount, with the same product. It's not worth a tenth of what they charge.