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Find A Grave

Find A Grave and Familytreenow Overview

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Find A Grave was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Feb 26, 2008 and since then this brand received 583 reviews. It is 508 reviews more than Familytreenow received since Apr 18, 2015.

Find A Grave and Familytreenow Consumer Ratings

53 out of 1005 in Media category
16 out of 77 in Background and People Search category
49 in category
12 in category
Customer service
49 in category
8 in category
Product or Service Quality
36 in category
15 in category

Find A Grave and Familytreenow Rating Details

2.1 (111 reviews)
1.7 (23 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...I deleted everything I contributed to this website over the years, all the information and pictures of my family members. I will no longer be using them to share my family history..

Murcile L

This website offers an "opt-out" but I get an error every time I try to opt-out. Horrible website. I have followed the lengthy verification I-am-not-a-robot procedure and always get the same error...

Customer service
1.4 (103 reviews)
1.5 (22 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...I don't know about you, but I hate paying for a web service and then get riddled with lots of error messages. So beware everyone, don't complain to findagrave. You might get banned too...


... unsecure by firefox, required me to fill out personal information, but also advised that this form of request had overloaded the company's ability to provide service in a timely manner. I find this company- in its gross negligence of providing address details to the world at large, coupled with an opt out policy that is bogus -non-functional- b...

Product or Service Quality
2 (86 reviews)
1.4 (24 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

The website insists that I update my password for security reasons. I updated the password and it keeps saying I've already used that password. I've tried words and combinations I've never tried, but I keep getting the same error message. Yes, I'm using all of the criteria like at least 8...

Curtis G

...Now I know how the last scamming calls I was getting started calling my kids, when I blocked their number! This is NOT a legit service! ..


Find A Grave and Familytreenow Pros and Cons

  • Ability to search for a gravesite
  • Photos of grave markers
  • Finding information in cemeteries
  • Program and want to install it on my new computer
  • Only free people tracing service out there
  • Customer service
  • Unresponsive administrators
  • Posting of incorrect information
  • Personal information being on the net
  • Website does not respond to opting out
  • Personal info disclosed

Find A Grave and Familytreenow Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

As a Find A Grave member myself, it pains me to hear so many negative experiences from people. As with any community, it...


I highly rate this site as it helped me solve a puzzle regarding what happened to a dear friend whom I lost contact with...

Find A Grave and Familytreenow Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

I am so sorry Lenda, Its all my fault . I shouldn't have messed with your memorials . My bad .I started the whole...


They're there to steal your identity and lie about who you're married they're there to steal your identity...

Find A Grave and Familytreenow Latest Reviews

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I submitted some information to what turns out to be a page he/she created and manages to which I received the following...

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The opt out form is a continuous loop that goes nowhere. It does have another form that I did not fill out because I...

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Find A Grave and Familytreenow Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Find A Grave Website (164 reviews)
  • Find A Grave Genealogy Record (74 reviews)
  • Find A Grave Account (30 reviews)
  • Familytreenow Website (27 reviews)
  • Familytreenow Genealogy Record (7 reviews)
  • Familytreenow Customer Care (5 reviews)