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Travel Agencies
Customer service
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Discounts and Special Offers
  • Price comparisons 10
  • Easy website 9
  • Lower price 7
  • Initial price 6
  • In past no problems 4

Customers don't like

  • Extremely poor customer service49
  • Customer service27
  • Lack of response from expedia21
  • Substandard service16
  • False claims13


Travel Agencies
Customer service
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Discounts and Special Offers
  • Will never use again 12
  • Website 3
  • Prices 3
  • E-mail confirmation 3
  • Nice customer service people 1

Customers don't like

  • Poor customer service31
  • Outright lies5
  • Huge hassle5
  • Long wait times on phone4
  • Practices3

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Expedia should not be in business. They are dishonest, unfair and rotten. Never had a problem with travelocity.

to Wanda #1514418

Sat 7-7-18Dear W.Thank you for your information about Travelocity. I will look to them in future.

Even with my unpredictable health, I do travel, as a terrific perquisite at my age and my condition. I know Travelocity is an established firm, and will give it my consideration.Trouble is, I sure would like to gain some justice for Expedia's injustice. I still have a Sep 22, 2017 Seattle Times article "Expedia CEO to get $1M base pay, plus equity grants". I thought about writing to him, clear his head about the type of agency he was joining.I still may do so, even if I go on their website and just obtain their email for Marketing or Public Relations, etc.

..////////////Oh, I knew there was a more recent, very recent article complaining about Expedia:Seattle Times, just last Sun July 1, "Her airline canceled. Where's the refund, Expedia?"The A [answer to the author's letter : "SAA canceled a portion of her flight... I've contacted Expedia twice, with no response at all. I've also tried appealing to an Expedia executive whose contact I got through the Elliott website".

The columnist writes: " On my website,, I list names and email for executives at Expedia and at SAA." And even this columnist Christopher Elliott, "went back and forth with the company".I wonder if it would be a try to at least inform them of my disaster with their company last June, 2017?

via the email of this Expedia executive Mr Elliott names on his website?AND, Ms W, do you know of any other websites -- other than TripAdvisor on which I review now -- on which I can enter my complaint about Expedia? The more people know about this slack agency, the better,Cheers,Michael


Avoid, and be wary of Expedia

From the start, my booking was going to be a big mistake. Expedia Deceived from the start:

[June 16, 2017


I just returned from a week in Honolulu -- Flights,Transfers, & Hotel via Expedia

The "Hotel" turned out to be a privately owned condo, in a place called the Castle Waikiki Grand Hotel.

A misnomer if there ever was one. 1. That was the first lie, deception by EXP. 2.

It was substandard, it did not provide what was described. [I will write a separate Review for the condo.] 3.EXP snuck it in with the real hotels on its webpages 4. Therefore, the price was not at a discount for a missing-service and missing-amenities package. So one pays full whack for what can be described as a hostel, not a hotel.

I have cancer and congestive heart failure, am a disabled veteran as well... I expected at least to have purchased a hotel room and its expected ambience. I got an uncomfortable, depressing, grimy miniscule room. I think folk who have been cheated and lied to by Expedia should enact a class action law suit.

I would join. ] The Receptionists could be friendly, but they let inquirers, Guests or not, cut in line. You could be politely standing awaiting your turn and they would deal with someone who came after you. You do not want to appear rude, so you let it slide.

Not very good customer service to the polite person. It turned out Studios in this Grand hotel are privately owned [SURPRISE!] so if the owner allows fabric and furnishings to go Derelict, you have no recourse. A proper hotel-ambience which is what you paid for was not there. Expedia is the one you have to ultimately complain to, and when you are on holiday, who wants to go that distance.

These discrepancies and inadequacies, and the management : 1. the Shower lack of drainage left you standing in dirty water, despite calling it to their attention; 2. they did not change the Sheets even the one day they said they would [I know my own stains, the ones I had to put up with the whole week]; 3. they did not Clean the room properly, as there was the same Screw on the floor after they declared a cleaning-day, and the floor constantly felt gritty though I never went in the sand a $145 cleaning fee for this!; 4.

Air Conditioner worked, but it was less than two feet from your head so the noise and the chill was like sleeping in a refrigerator; 5. you looked out directly onto the next Building and the Parking Lot what City Scene did you pay for! it was a total lie, by Expedia; 6. the Noise just 2 3 stories below, of delivery Trucks, their horns, their back-up alarms at 0330 was evident right next to your floor-to-ceiling jelousy windows, right next to your bed; 7.

the Curtains were of the variety that let in light 24/7 from 7 stories of neighboring buildings; 8. the Hallway was being painted, [with a nice mural, yes] but only 1 day that week, so the splattered paper over the total hall floor would be there seemingly forever a small point, but one which Expedia did not inform of so your hotel was in a constant state of construction. Did Expedia give a discount, as a reputable seller would do? 9.

A sign: Leave Kindle Here it was not there from the start, so would the poor Guest be blamed? 10. The Toilet seat was obviously in need of replacement, the door Chain Lock had been unslightly torn from the wall and left dangling, with holes in the frame they left these to me, the paying Guest, to have to take up with the management. Thanks for a normal holiday, Expedia.

This was a sloppy, bush-league operation from the start. To think, a supposedly reputable agency like Expedia would make someone pay for this Grand hotel. It is a shameful way for them to operate.

If I did not have Cancer and Congestive Heart Failure, and Veterans Disability as well which made me seek some nice peaceful holiday to begin with I would want to take Expedia to small claims court. But it would be David vs Goliath.