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DOORDASH and Seamless Overview

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DOORDASH was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Mar 24, 2015 and since then this brand received 19332 reviews. It is 19312 reviews more than Seamless received since Feb 27, 2014.

DOORDASH and Seamless Consumer Ratings

22 out of 354 in Food Delivery category
69 out of 354 in Food Delivery category
Customer service
21 in category
56 in category
20 in category
59 in category
18 in category
37 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, DOORDASH ranks 47 points higher in the Food Delivery category than Seamless. People gave DOORDASH 1.9 stars for Customer service criterion in Food Delivery category and it is 93 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Seamless was rated 1 stars for Customer service criterion in this category and it is 58 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Reliability criterion, than we see that DOORDASH has a higher rating than Seamless. Regarding Staff criterion, consumers gave DOORDASH 2 stars and it is 84% greater than other in category. Seamless however was rated 1.4 stars and it is 68% greater than other in category.

DOORDASH and Seamless Rating Details

Customer service
1.9 (7192 reviews)
1 (11 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...When I tried to call to find out what was going on I was on hold for more than 40 minutes! Seriously?!? Terrible, horrible customer service. The worst, will never order from you again. Grub hub and Postmates just got a new customer..


...I ran out and caught the driver who just looked at me like I was crazy and said call the service. I called the service and the rep was supposed to get back with me. The phone rang twice and then it was gone...

Catherine C
1.8 (6811 reviews)
1 (10 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...I'm not mad at DoorDash but just the lack of control and reliability in the service. What a bad first impression!!..

Rian G

I ordered pizzas from Goodfellows at 4:30 and scheduled them to be delivered at 6:15. I received a notification my order would be delivered between 6:15 and 6:25. I got home at 5:55 and got a notice that my food was delivered at 5:38. I called Seamless and told them that I scheduled the food at...

nancy n
2 (6679 reviews)
1.4 (8 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

In the middle of a VERY busy day of patients, one of a staff members and to run down the street to get lunch in order for everyone to get their food! We paid almost $50 for this order, and it was COLD, WRONG, AND we had to run after the driver. Completely unacceptable. When we called to complain to...


I ordered sushi and got fish that smelled and looked like it had gone bad days ago. I tried to eat it and almost vomitted. Seamless offered me a 20% off COUPON FOR NEXT TIME. I am never ordering from them again. :angry:

sydney c

DOORDASH and Seamless Pros and Cons

  • Convenience
  • Easy ordering
  • Easy online ordering process
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  • Customer service
  • Poor customer service
  • Cold food
  • Reliability
  • Customer service
  • Billing

DOORDASH and Seamless Most Positive Reviews

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I wanted thai tonight & this was the only option (again). So I ordered & the food arrived hot and faster than anticipate...

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DOORDASH and Seamless Most Critical Reviews

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worst way to lose $100 in my life. driver didn't call me and doordash has policy that they take your item and your mone...


Ordered $16.77 from Seamless on 7/3. Was charged $2.40 and $20.77 on my amex. Went to restaurant and was told to contact...

DOORDASH and Seamless Latest Reviews

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I attempted to place an order and it told me that my account had been cancelled and I have no clue why s AS I've never...

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I ordered pizzas from Goodfellows at 4:30 and scheduled them to be delivered at 6:15. I received a notification my...

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DOORDASH and Seamless Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Doordash Delivery Service (6305 reviews)
  • Doordash Customer Care (2916 reviews)
  • Doordash Account (923 reviews)
  • Seamless Delivery Service (8 reviews)