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Direct Buy and Tlg Great Fun Overview

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Tlg Great Fun was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Dec 15, 2007 and since then this brand received 604 reviews. It is 401 reviews more than Direct Buy received since Jan 2, 2008. According to received "Issue Resolved" consumers' votes, a consumer has equal chances to resolve issues with Direct Buy customer support team and Tlg Great Fun customer service.

Direct Buy and Tlg Great Fun Consumer Ratings

459 out of 4576 in E-commerce category
22 out of 303 in Gift Cards, Rewards and Cashbacks category
436 in category
30 in category
Customer service
247 in category
11 in category
Product or Service Quality
252 in category
23 in category

Direct Buy and Tlg Great Fun Rating Details

2 (14 reviews)
1.7 (55 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

It is a DB preferred resort and it was $2000 less through Direct Buy compared to every other website I checked. To me that's worth the membership fees. My biggest complaint is that sometimes there are problems with the booking and you have to call in, some people are great others don't know how to...


...Repeatedly tried to get the 2nd rebate thru their website greatfunsite. com and by telephone 877-488-9840 but NEVER received the money. Finally gave up as spent more than $25...

Sabrina F
Customer service
1.6 (12 reviews)
2 (57 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...Customer service was way better before new parent company took over. DO NOT USE DIRECTBUY. They care about one thing and one thing only, taking your hard earned dollars..

Martin T

...After dealing with the "Customer Care" person I was told I qualified for a no obligation, free, $15 visa gift card as a reward for being a new customer. The "Great Fun" agent came on the line and told me about the great offer. I searched the internet and saw the negative reviews...

Product or Service Quality
2 (7 reviews)
1.5 (48 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...Lots of problems with quality. ..


...I called customer service today, and they said they had no record of my ever having called. I spoke to Paul who gave me a confirmation number for the cancellation. He said as a "courtesy" they were mailing me a check for the $50 I was promised...

Inez G

Direct Buy and Tlg Great Fun Pros and Cons

No votes
  • With timely rebates and great customer service
  • Get rebates on fun things we like to do
  • Easy money
  • show room
  • Sales pitch- complete lack of ethics
  • Sales pitch and how it doesnt match this alleged goal
  • Being ripped off
  • Pressure
  • Way they tell you one thing and do another

Direct Buy and Tlg Great Fun Most Positive Reviews

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Totally not true! DirectBuy has a bigger selection! They have several cabinet makers to choose from, they have a...


I don't have any business with tlggreatfun and you should never deduct any fund in my capital one or any of my account...

Direct Buy and Tlg Great Fun Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

I want to file a formal complaint that after being sold a membership to the Huntsville Al store you have now closed it....


In June, I used Spirit Airline to book tickets for my family. I received a telephone from TLG call shortly after...

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I use Direct Buy and Direct Buy travel and have saved a lot of money. Mostly by using the quarterly specials. I got an a...

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Personally I don't see why people have issues with GreatFun and the rebates. I simply listened carefully, paid my $1...

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Direct Buy and Tlg Great Fun Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Direct Buy Membership (2 reviews)
  • Tlg Great Fun Membership (124 reviews)
  • Tlg Great Fun Rebate (85 reviews)
  • Tlg Great Fun Customer Care (3 reviews)