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Health and Beauty
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
  • Willingness to resolve quickly 2
  • Products received in the past 2
  • Uniqueness of the products and their potency 1
  • To get what i pay for in a timely matter 1
  • Products received 1

Customers don't like

  • Customer service9
  • Shipping fulfillment5
  • Never shipped my full order and never responded to my calls5
  • Very poor4
  • No reply to email4


Health and Beauty
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
  • High quality product 8
  • Cleaning products 8
  • Products 7
  • Product 6
  • I love their products in general 5

Customers don't like

  • Monthly commitment4
  • Deceptive misleading miserable4
  • Commitment to a monthly order4
  • Would not allow me to closing account3
  • Misleading sales pitch3

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I don't think you can really compare Dhealthstore to Melaleuca as Melaleuca is way more mainstream and commercial than Dhealthstore which was the direct opposite from my knowledge of the business as a former employee and insider. Because the herbalist Djehuty Ma'at-Ra is very strict and anal when it comes to man-made, synthetic ingredients undoubtedly the products of the Dhealthstore were far more qualitative, especially the nutritional supplements.

Unlike Melaleuca, Dhealthstore didn't offer memberships or auto recurring shipments and payments which would have been disastrous because Dhealthstore's incompetent staff couldn't even handle the volume of regular daily sales. Dhealthstore offered far more qualitative products than Maleleuca and at far far lower prices which created the heavy demand on Dhealthstore that the staff just couldn't handle the volume and management unfortunately too incompetent to develop a strategy to manage everything. Had the herbalist Djehuty the wack had 10 clones of himself I'm sure he could have pulled things off but this wasn't the case. Companies like Melaleuca and Dhealthstore are bound to get the similar types of complaints for one reason: top quality products which create a demand that puts strain on people who are just not cut out to handle high workload stress or much less, adopt to the high demand for the products.

Usually companies selling cheap *** don't get the types of complaints as Melaleuca and Dhealthstore because they use cheap synthetic ingredients that are plentiful in stock making products always available whereas I know for a fact that Dhealthstore was 100% all natural and I do mean 100% and the herbal supplements had no additives whatsoever that made them potent and which got people awesome results that created the demand the company couldn't handle being a very small scale small business that obviously blew up too fast, faster than a staff could adapt to. However, you're going to run in to the types of problems Dhealthstore ran into relying strictly on plants which are just not always available like chemicals. People aren't going to understand this process and then start complaining when they can't get their products in a timely fashion which Dhealthstore saw a lot of and in which I saw coming far in advance. Both companies are/were dedicated to natural wellness and being eco-friendly to their credit.

It's rare to find a good company that doesn't get the types of complaints as Dhealthstore and Melaleuca but in all honesty I would say give the companies and their products a try and be the personal judge and don't make decisions on bad reviews from anonymous people (which is very suspect in the day and age of the disgruntled former employee or pissed consumer, no pun intended, lol).

Personally, my gripe with the former owner of Dhealthstore (who now runs a brand new company - is that he was too arrogant and full of himself and expected everyone to be on his intellectual level including people that literally came off the streets which was pretty unrealistic from my view of things. Having taken the products once myself, I can't hate on the products made by this arrogantly bloated individual, giving credit where credit is due.

to STRS #1389288

Can’t compare because I don’t know about the other herbal company...but dhealthstore owner is lying about staff not being able to handle anything. They were always doing work.

Djehuty would train his staff himself. That was the problem because he hasn’t really had a job and doesn’t know customer service well. He is offended by criticism. He also didn’t pay his emoyees on time so a lot of them left or he fired them.

They were all in their 20s and early 30s. He had black, white, mexican, and armenian people working for him.