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Appliances and Electronics
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
  • Product 3
  • Quality of product 2
  • Politely refused to correct error 2
  • Pissed 2
  • Old dell laptop 2

Customers don't like

  • Customer service19
  • Service and product5
  • Service5
  • Product5
  • Worst customer service4


Appliances and Electronics
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
  • Product 6
  • Price 4
  • Spending hours on the phone with customer support 2
  • Products when they work 2
  • Free return shipping label 2

Customers don't like

  • Customer service20
  • Product3
  • Being cheated3
  • Warranty2
  • Runaround2

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Lenovo Customer service is the worst contradiction in terms one can possibly imagine. I am a small business owner and I owner no less than 7 Lenovo machines.

I paid for a machine directly from Lenovo, M910SFF, over a month ago. It never powered on. I wait for customer service via telephone to go through the most ridiculous tests for a machine does not turn on.Lenovo: Did you plug it in?Me; yesL; does the light go on?Me; NoL; Can you press ctrl - alt - delete while it bootsMe; Sir, There is no Power.This goes on and on.1 week goes by.Finally they determine the are going to switch out the power module.I wait for the hardware then we wait for a tech. The tech shows up and switches the power module and smoke starts coming off the mother board.

The tech says to me that the machine will probably not operate as expected and that the repair should be escalated to a replacement. Lenovo is supposed to get in touch with me about a replacement.Two weeks go by.Lenovo never gets in touch with me. I call , I call and I call finally I get through and the 'repair' has to be 'escalated' but in order to do that Lenovo needs to send me a SWAT box. Finally this SWAT box arrives after the man behind the green curtain.Thee weeks go by.The machine is now in Lenovos possession.

They do not call me and I start calling them to inquire about the machine. I am told they are going to attempt a 'repair' but they make take 2-3 weeks. I respond that I want either be refunded or have another machine sent in place for the one I paid for and not working. This request has to be 'escalated'Four weeks go by.I call and the 'escalation' needs to be escalated by another supreme escalated Lenovo individual in the Escalation department.

I am told that I will hear back by the Escalator Supreme in 1-3 days. Guess what??

NothingFive weeks go by and I am still waiting. I call again to follow up and they are in the process of escalation so I need to wait an additional 3-5 days.I am done with the Lenovo company, if anyone at this once great company cares to verify my story see my case number below.4062D5SHow would you compare Lenovo vs Dell?


Lenovo is a MUCH better option. Unlike DELL it actually listens and responds to its customers.

Lenovo is a company that understands what customer service entails. Once I had a problem with a Lenovo I had bought and where DELL did everything it could to get out of honoring its responsibility under warranty, Lenovo simply said "we'll send you a box, send it to us". Within a week it was fixed and back in my hands. DELL's behavior defies imagination.

It may have become to rich and bloated. If it has a company mission it's most certainly forgotten it. From top to bottom this is the most dense organization I have ever encountered. What I have heard is that DELL takes care of its corporate customers but that the individual consumer is not all that important to them.

In three months I sent 75 emails and there was no signof productive thought on their part. Besides, they kept accusing me of lying. They didn't want to fix the laptop because of a spill on the keyboard and a crack in the case. None of that happened on my watch.

They said they had proof but of course never sent it. If there was a spill or crack it happened on their end. However, DELL sent it back unrepaired and I went over it with a tactical flashlight - the real kind not the cheap stuff you see on TV. There is no evidence of a spill or crack which is what I've been telling them for months.

That's why I created the hashtag #NeverDellNever.

Lenovo, in my opinion, not only makes superb computers as compared to DELL and they are light years ahead of DELL when it comes to a responsive customer service team.


Dr. Smith