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Verizon Wireless

Cspire and Verizon Wireless Overview

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Verizon Wireless was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 24, 2010 and since then this brand received 1129 reviews. It is 1065 reviews more than Cspire received since Nov 30, 2011.

Cspire and Verizon Wireless Consumer Ratings

280 out of 1909 in Telecommunications category
180 out of 1909 in Telecommunications category
Customer service
172 in category
173 in category
Billing Practices
162 in category
164 in category
124 in category
121 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Verizon Wireless ranks 100 points higher in the Telecommunications category than Cspire. People gave Cspire 1.4 stars for Customer service criterion in Telecommunications category and it is 398 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Verizon Wireless was rated 1.4 stars for Customer service criterion in this category and it is 397 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Billing Practices criterion, than we see that Verizon Wireless has a higher rating than Verizon Wireless. Regarding Website criterion, consumers gave Cspire 2.1 stars and it is 78% greater than other in category. Verizon Wireless however was rated 2.1 stars and it is 79% greater than other in category.

Cspire and Verizon Wireless Rating Details

Customer service
1.4 (27 reviews)
1.4 (458 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Cspire service is awful!! The Internet on my phone is slow and donot even try to watch a video because all it does is stop and start!!! Drops calls too! Also, I've called customer service few times and on hold for a lengthy time,just for the call to be dropped!! They never call back!! ..


...This is not good customer service..

Billing Practices
1.5 (24 reviews)
1.5 (364 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...When they were still billing me after 4 months I called. They said it was not listed as a BOGO phone in their files. I sent them a copy of my receipt where it had from them, in writing that it was a BOGO offer and there was a $200 discount...

Alice G

...I have never seen these billing practices an think it's redickulous an the worst part no one gives a *** at Verizon . As soon as my bill is paid off I am dropping them! They are very unprofessional shame on your customer service Verizon!..

2.1 (22 reviews)
2.1 (368 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

"Askus" is what handles the "Contact Us" part of the company's website. =================== From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2015 1:09 PM To: Askus Subject: Contact Us: /link/ContactManage A user has submitted a comment/question from the website: From: ...


...Oh the website- no way to speak to anyone and the chat function wasn't working. Despite having unanswered questions I went ahead and placed an order. I was then required to pass a credit check...


Cspire and Verizon Wireless Pros and Cons

  • Customer sales person was friendly
  • Coverage area
  • Coverage
  • Seem to have better coverage than most providers
  • Customer service
  • Customer serivce
  • Wireless coverage
  • Customer service
  • No resolution to problem
  • Problem resolution

Cspire and Verizon Wireless Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

I went in to cspire to exchange my phone and the young lady that waited on me didn't put my SD CARD in my new phone. So...


I went in to upgrade my phone. I had already researched and knew exactly which phone I wanted. I was greeted by a...

Cspire and Verizon Wireless Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

Well here goes, another disappointing talk with C-Spire. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. Not sure what gives C-Spire the...


I got an iphone 4s on or about 7/8/14. It did not work and it took me 3 weeks to get a new one. I spent over 2-3 hour...

Cspire and Verizon Wireless Latest Reviews

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Cspire has some very dishonest people working for them just ridiculous so I texted and ask a question,but when they...

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I have never in my life tried to work so hard to obtain services from a company that doesn't want my business. In the...

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