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Cricket Wireless

Customer service
Billing Practices
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Diversity of Products or Services
  • Better than average prices and service 6
  • Affordable prices 6
  • Plan price 5
  • No contracts 3
  • Price 2

Customers don't like

  • Customer service25
  • Slow data5
  • Lousy customer service5
  • Lies taking no responsibility for the inconveniences the cause5
  • Customer service or that i still dont have my refund5

Consumer Cellular

Customer service
Billing Practices
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Diversity of Products or Services
  • Price 18
  • Cheap plans 12
  • Customer service receptive 7
  • Always friendly 7
  • Customer service 6

Customers don't like

  • Customer service21
  • Excessive billing8
  • Customer support7
  • Quality of service6
  • Manipulated usage to overcharge5

A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in its profile. The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. The algorithm is subject to change in future.


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the cricket store near us is terrific. However, $25 for upgrade ie buying a new cell is outrageous.

A new member with a no. to port no fees. (policy may have changed) anyway my fiance bought a zte for 79$ plus $25 upgrade fee. Meanwhile I ordered an unlocked moto g5 plus to replace his other cell.

He did not hear me. Next, I could have bought same cell for $29 bucks, yes I have a no. to port.One would think that carriers would award loyal customers, not with fees. Iconsumer cellular had a promotion for a free month.

I was charged. THe post paid surprise. In fact they lied to the ftc. One, I was not informed of a credit check.

Received alert and called them. Agent asked if I wanted to file a complaint against the other service agent. answered no. In foresight, should have cancelled the sim.Their reply to ftc is as if I had joined as regular customer.

In fact they record interactions with their agents. I was assured of free service as long as activated sim by March 31. Cut my other plan early. I received a bill.

Told it was a tax. Anyway, I turned it over and there were charges.I parted earlier than the month as I already had sim cards from another carrier. Cellular one would be last choice.

In fact there are contract carriers not as slimey.Meanwhile I sent pictures of the free month offer, screenshots, to fTC.Advice, go prepaid if one wants no contract company.Cricket has improved over the years. However, I found less expensive alternative, with fantastic customer service, prepaid, rapid response if assistance required


I Use Consumer Cellular and I have had FAR BETTER experience, than I have with other carriers.The person BLAMING CC is an idiot, like so many other consumers! YOU are RESPONSIBLE for determining compatibility BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING!!!!!CDMA Versus GSM - it's as simple as that! Which type network does the target carrier use?CDMA or GSM - WHICH type of phone is compatible with the carriers network?I bet, if you purchased an electric car, you would BLAME your local gas station for not telling you you can't put GAS in your car!!!QUIT blaming others for victimizing you, grow some balls and take ownership for your OWN IGNORANCE!!!!!

to Crispy Critter #1510176

your the idiot.. the only stupid thing I did was try to switch to consumer cellular before I read all the bad reviews


Jacqueline Larsen Consumer Cellular should be charged with fraud. It took them three days with their sim card in my phone to let me know my phone was not compatible with their service.

Inept employees and customer service. I m still without phone service--waiting to receive a simcard from straight talk which verified online that my phone was compatible with their network before I placed my order--unlike CC.

Beware Consumer Cellular. You get what you pay for.


I haven't used Cricket but I was thinking about it. After seeing this comparison I will keep looking.

I have used CC. They are awful awful.

They have a popup when you upgrade a phone that says: '...if you are dissatisfied for any reason, return the product and pay nothing.' This is a complete lie. They refuse to take the phone back even after I invoked the protection plan and got them a brand new phone.