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Sensodyne was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jan 14, 2010 and since then this brand received 289 reviews. It is 282 reviews more than Colgate received since Jun 1, 2010.

Colgate and Sensodyne Consumer Ratings

496 out of 2622 in Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers category
194 out of 1159 in Cosmetics and Personal Care category
Diversity of Products or Services
371 in category
154 in category
391 in category
100 in category
297 in category
146 in category

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1 (1 review)
1.9 (44 reviews)
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So Dawn Dish Soap wasn't cutting it for me, it was expensive, super smelly and it made the whole house smell like grease after using it so I began looking for alternatives to dish soap. I was in the store one day when I noticed the Palmolive, it was right next to Dawn, it was a whole lot cheaper...


...I saw a commercial on TV about a new product from Sensodyne, which I have used their products before with good results. I bought Sensodyne Rapid Relief because that's exactly what I needed! It said I was to use it twice a day. I was diligent by brushing at least twice a day...

Diane P
1 (1 review)
1.8 (40 reviews)
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Over a three year period of using Sensodyn, my enamel is gone and so are most of my back teeth. Instead of protecting my enamel, it in fact has done the opposite.Sensodyn... I hate you!!!

Rachel W
1 (1 review)
1.3 (53 reviews)
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I have used Sensodyne for years but recently tried the Repair and Protect. I have developed canker sores and my entire mouth is just sore - under my tongue, on my tongue, gums, and back of my throat. And my lips are ridiculously chapped and burning. I rarely have chapped lips except on occassion in...


Colgate and Sensodyne Pros and Cons

  • Smell
  • Cleaned throughroughly
  • Nada
  • Taste was pleasant
  • Product performance
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  • Ulcers
  • Soreness
  • Sores all over my mouth

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I have used Sensodyne tooth paste pro enamel for about 2 weeks and expierienced tooth pain, burnt tongue, and dry...

Colgate and Sensodyne Most Critical Reviews

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So Dawn Dish Soap wasn't cutting it for me, it was expensive, super smelly and it made the whole house smell like grease...


Went to my dentist for a tooth ache and after nothing notable was found she recommended Sensodyne and gave me a couple o...

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My dentist prescribed Prevident 5000 Enamel Protect to apply nightly.
to the teeth holding my bridge. It's a floured trea...

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Sensodyne repair....brushed with repair for about 2 days....noticed it was alittle difficult to take supplements today...

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Colgate and Sensodyne Products and Services

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  • Sensodyne Toothpaste (97 reviews)
  • Sensodyne Repair And Protect Toothpaste (52 reviews)
  • Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste (42 reviews)