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Clover Valley

Kelloggs and Clover Valley Overview

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Clover Valley was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Sep 17, 2012 and since then this brand received 1093 reviews. It is 497 reviews more than Kelloggs received since Oct 27, 2009.

Kelloggs and Clover Valley Consumer Ratings

174 out of 893 in Food Manufacturers category
91 out of 893 in Food Manufacturers category
Product or Service Quality
170 in category
81 in category
Value for money
167 in category
89 in category
Advertised vs Delivered
132 in category
64 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Clover Valley ranks 83 points higher in the Food Manufacturers category than Kelloggs. People gave Kelloggs 1.4 stars for Product or Service Quality criterion in Food Manufacturers category and it is 79 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Clover Valley was rated 2.1 stars for Product or Service Quality criterion in this category and it is 168 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Value for money criterion, than we see that Clover Valley has a higher rating than Kelloggs. Regarding Advertised vs Delivered criterion, consumers gave Kelloggs 1.5 stars and it is 53% worse than other in category. Clover Valley however was rated 2.2 stars and it is 74% greater than other in category.

Kelloggs and Clover Valley Rating Details

Product or Service Quality
1.4 (197 reviews)
2.1 (391 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...The originator of this product would be disappointed if he was alive today..


...Find another company's product..

Value for money
1.7 (165 reviews)
2.6 (361 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...You are getting less for the same price or in some cases, more money. No price reductions accompany these incredibly shrinking packages. Kelloggs wants to save money at your expense...


...Good value when you get a good bottle. Sometimes thick & gloppy. Other times fine...

Advertised vs Delivered
1.5 (131 reviews)
2.2 (246 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

I dont know why they just didnt leave a good thing alone but the POst golden crisps are good I also see another cheaper brand that is good MAlt o Meal

m m

I bought teriyaki beef jerky last night after work It was my second purchase the first purchase was for my nephew a snack on our hour long drive home it was late and dark. So I just handed him the bag. And at this point all I can think is did I give him moldy jerky.....I'm so paranoid at this...

Ariel M

Kelloggs and Clover Valley Pros and Cons

  • Old honey smacks recipe
  • Original honey smacks
  • Use to be good
  • Price
  • You ruined your devils food cookies so no pros
  • I have always been pleased until now
  • New recipe
  • Recipe switch on honey smacks cereal
  • Horriable taste and texture for honey smacks so dissappointed
  • Changed recipe
  • Product
  • Disgusting

Kelloggs and Clover Valley Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

Pour cereal in bowel and there was a staple. My 8 year old found it. I told him are you sure it can't be.He picked it...


I have the perfect video from my Great Grandson. CJ is 5 months old and he was attemting to open a bag of Clover...

Kelloggs and Clover Valley Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

Found dead bugs floating on the milk. Totaly grossed out forever on Kelloggs Brand. Bought it at Walmart and this...


Mouse *** in my cinnamon mini squares cereal.

Poured a bowl for my daughter and as she was eating I noticed a small bla...

Kelloggs and Clover Valley Latest Reviews

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Kelloggs changed the recipe for their Taffy Cookies completely. They do not taste the same They do not look the same. Th...

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Their bottled water tasted stale and molded. It smelled even worse! I suffered flu-like symptoms afterwards. I will...

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Kelloggs and Clover Valley Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Kelloggs Honey Smacks Cereal (372 reviews)
  • Kelloggs Cereal (41 reviews)
  • Kelloggs Cookies (14 reviews)
  • Clover Valley Devils Food Cookies (92 reviews)
  • Clover Valley Bottled Water (55 reviews)
  • Clover Valley French Vanilla Coffee Creamer (45 reviews)