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EasyFinancial and CitiFinancial Overview

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CitiFinancial was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jan 7, 2008 and since then this brand received 626 reviews. It is 527 reviews more than EasyFinancial received since May 8, 2015.

EasyFinancial and CitiFinancial Consumer Ratings

229 out of 1292 in Loans and Mortgages category
153 out of 1292 in Loans and Mortgages category
135 in category
155 in category
Customer service
152 in category
135 in category
Product or Service Quality
184 in category
157 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, CitiFinancial ranks 76 points higher in the Loans and Mortgages category than EasyFinancial. People gave EasyFinancial 1.4 stars for Staff criterion in Loans and Mortgages category and it is 205 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, CitiFinancial was rated 1.3 stars for Staff criterion in this category and it is 185 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Customer service criterion, than we see that CitiFinancial has a higher rating than EasyFinancial. Regarding Product or Service Quality criterion, consumers gave EasyFinancial 1.1 stars and it is 54% worse than other in category. CitiFinancial however was rated 1.2 stars and it is 54% greater than other in category.

EasyFinancial and CitiFinancial Rating Details

1.4 (58 reviews)
1.3 (45 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

So a month ago I made an order online and I was ready to make a payment, but the staff her name is Danielle at 2650 Lawrence Ave East, told me the items we're not available and I would wait for 2 weeks and she hasn't called back in one month to let me know if the items were available, I called the...


No live person and no phone number

Customer service
1.2 (58 reviews)
1.3 (52 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

My references were called numerous times ( 3 times) because I have the same name as another customer( we don't even live in the same city). Also I have paid off my loan and they still are calling my references!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horrible Horrible!!! WILL NEVER EVER SEND ANYONE THERE FOR A LOAN-HIGH HIGH...


Can't reach anyone to resolve a matter

Product or Service Quality
1.1 (57 reviews)
1.2 (41 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

They like to add products to your loan, without explaining that these products are optional. The insurance, for example, made it so that my monthly payment of $197 was only actually taking $8 from my original loan. Months later, when I found out it was optional, I took it off...


I got a loan from citifinancial, payed for job loss insurance. And when i lost my job the insurance company denied my claim stating i wasnt employed at the date of the loan. When a citifinancial employee talked with my employer the same day of the loan. They told me i didnt have to worry about the...


EasyFinancial and CitiFinancial Pros and Cons

  • Friendly
  • Friendly support staff
  • Repairing my credit
  • Old crew
  • Original staff
  • Original loan officer was very nice
  • Scamming behaviour
  • Misleading and not helpful
  • Horrible customer service
  • Inflexibility
  • Refused to correct mistake
  • Lein release department has not contact info so i am told

EasyFinancial and CitiFinancial Most Positive Reviews

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Citi financial Auto is the lien holder of a title of a car I just bought and they haven't released it yet. I need it...

EasyFinancial and CitiFinancial Most Critical Reviews

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Easy financial is a joke. They give out personal information to people it signed on the loan, with draw money from...


Went through a divorce and then bankruptcy so I needed to rebuild my credit. I went to Citifinancial and got a secured...

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I got laid off from my job , luckily I paid for insurance to protect me from overcharge . the payments continued to...

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EasyFinancial and CitiFinancial Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Easyfinancial Loan (64 reviews)
  • Easyfinancial Customer Care (8 reviews)
  • Citifinancial Loan (311 reviews)
  • Citifinancial Account (56 reviews)
  • Citifinancial Customer Care (25 reviews)