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Chase Bank was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 20, 2007 and since then this brand received 1629 reviews. It is 1550 reviews more than Republic Bank received since Jun 27, 2014.

Republic Bank and Chase Bank Consumer Ratings

147 out of 1027 in Banks category
86 out of 1027 in Banks category
86 in category
57 in category
Customer service
99 in category
95 in category
125 in category
41 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Chase Bank ranks 61 points higher in the Banks category than Republic Bank. People gave Republic Bank 1.2 stars for Reliability criterion in Banks category and it is 97 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Chase Bank was rated 1.4 stars for Reliability criterion in this category and it is 126 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Customer service criterion, than we see that Chase Bank has a higher rating than Republic Bank. Regarding Website criterion, consumers gave Republic Bank 1.3 stars and it is 68% worse than other in category. Chase Bank however was rated 2.1 stars and it is 78% greater than other in category.

Republic Bank and Chase Bank Rating Details

1.2 (36 reviews)
1.4 (310 reviews)
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problem I can't tmget the check to validate


FOX RENTAL CARhorrible customer service with no phone number to speak with a customer service representative regarding the continuing nagging $15, $21, or $32 dollar charges after the return of the automobile. Charges are related to administration fees.DO NOT RENT FROM FOX CAR RENTALS!!! NEVER!!!

Customer service
1.2 (34 reviews)
1.3 (448 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Last year I filed just before the April 15 deadline. I filed with Jackson Hewett due to having a tax form from the sale of property and my normal preparer did not have real estate experience. I hid the JH paperwork from myself and recently found it. I did not know that in working with JH that my...

David K

So I go round and round with customer service (who by the way are beyond rude and kept asking me if I could hold why they looked at my account and then somehow I would get disconnected from the call) when I finally reach a supervisor who finally has the brains to say to me "since we can't get a...

Elizabeth J
1.3 (34 reviews)
2.1 (349 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

So why am I not receiving my direct deposit when I am supposed to? Or was this a scam? I tried to contact them on their website and they sent me to a site that asked for all of my personal information, which I did not trust, so I did not send it. I asked my bank about the tracking number/bank...

Kristen K

...I recently placed a call to the number given by the Chase website to request an increase of my credit limit. Upon reaching the computer, I complied with a request to enter the last four digits of my card number. Computer replied that the number was not recognized, and asked for all sixteen digits...

Larry B

Republic Bank and Chase Bank Pros and Cons

  • Nice at first
  • Local friendly staff convenient locations
  • Convenience
  • Having atms everywhere
  • Online banking
  • What seems to be shady business practices
  • Excuse given for missing refund
  • Customer service
  • Poor customer service
  • Unethical business practices
  • Customer Service Representatives

Republic Bank and Chase Bank Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

Why is it taking so long for my refund to hit my account y'all already got y'all money and I won't mines now


awful! they put in machines to do banking. not helpful or convienent! there r 4 ppl assiting at the machines no one...

Republic Bank and Chase Bank Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

This is not a good bank unprofessional and not honest. This is coming from me as a taxpayer, ERO and a tax preparer....


As a new customer my first ATM transaction has really been a nightmare, i went on the 12th of June to make a $500 cash d...

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Your bank is good in so many ways but unfortunately it has the worst automated system ever. I must have to punch in my...

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My 35 year old son passed unexpectedly last summer, unmarried and intestate. He had many accounts, USAA, Wells Fargo,...

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Republic Bank and Chase Bank Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Republic Bank Tax Refund (36 reviews)
  • Republic Bank Customer Care (3 reviews)
  • Republic Bank Loan Officer (2 reviews)
  • Chase Bank Account (227 reviews)
  • Chase Bank Credit Card (191 reviews)
  • Chase Bank Mortgage (166 reviews)