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CBS Sports

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NFL was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Dec 31, 2007 and since then this brand received 1955 reviews. It is 1342 reviews more than CBS Sports received since Oct 10, 2010.

NFL and CBS Sports Consumer Ratings

64 out of 698 in Sport category
59 out of 1005 in Media category
Customer service
43 in category
31 in category
53 in category
46 in category
47 in category
44 in category

NFL and CBS Sports Rating Details

Customer service
1.4 (479 reviews)
1.9 (89 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Denver/LA game from Saturday night still not available on Suday morning for replay.


nobody is answering. this is so frustrating that no one bothered to answer my call until i just hung up since there is no sense waiting in line with no one caring to resolve my issue.

1.8 (445 reviews)
2.3 (96 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...I've gotten on their website several times but have no "my account" to dispute this. I have a phone number from where they took the money from my account and will call them tomorrow. We'll see!..

Cindy S

...Apparently CBS sports is carrying this weeks game so I check their website and even if you pay the $7. 50 for a "premium membership" you still can't watch the game all that $7. 50 will get you is audio...

1.3 (437 reviews)
1.6 (89 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...Tragedy and loss of millions to coaches staff and players of the Saints in bonus money as a result of NFL corruption. You will feel the burn in loss of supporters of your dog and pony show. Shame on you and especially the worst commissioner ever to represent a sport: Goodell...

Julie D

The announcers of the Oakland Raiders games over the last two weeks have been way too biased against the Raiders. Even playing a Bengals team that was 0-8 and obviously struggling, the announcers clearly favored the Bengals. As a Raiders fan for the last 50 years, this is inexcusable and...


NFL and CBS Sports Pros and Cons

  • I like the national anthem
  • When the teams stood up for the friggen national anthem
  • Games
  • Nfl coverage
  • Camera work
  • What sports you only showed half and shut it off
  • Leadership decisions
  • Protests on the field and disrespecting the country and flag
  • Players not standing for the national anthem
  • Game coverage
  • Gary mccord
  • Dumb announcers talking too much

NFL and CBS Sports Most Positive Reviews

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*** sick and tired off one sided *** poor officiating. It is determining the outcome of games! Calling *** calls not...


Jim Nance the blow hard of the century, and self appointed basketball expert who could not say enough about the no call...

NFL and CBS Sports Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

Your officiating is horrible you need to start fining them for bad calls! You fine players for misconduct you should...


"What the *** is going on at CBS sports..!! I live in Central Florida.. I can't beleive CBS chooses to broadcast the...

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I just signed up for a reduced rate NFL Game pass today. I cannot sign in. My username, which is my name, or password,...

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I was excited to tune in to watch Army/Navy. Unfortunately, some of the cadets were flashing white nationalist symbols...

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NFL and CBS Sports Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Nfl Referee (356 reviews)
  • Nfl Streaming Service (45 reviews)
  • Nfl Game Pass Subscription (39 reviews)
  • Cbs Sports Sport Commentator (170 reviews)
  • Cbs Sports Streaming Service (37 reviews)
  • Cbs Sports Tv Channel (31 reviews)