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CBS Sports

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CBS Sports was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 10, 2010 and since then this brand received 611 reviews. It is 406 reviews more than Espn received since Jun 21, 2010.

CBS Sports and Espn Consumer Ratings

59 out of 1005 in Media category
124 out of 1946 in Telecommunications category
47 in category
123 in category
Diversity of Products or Services
36 in category
77 in category
Customer service
32 in category
166 in category

CBS Sports and Espn Rating Details

2.3 (96 reviews)
2 (24 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...Apparently CBS sports is carrying this weeks game so I check their website and even if you pay the $7. 50 for a "premium membership" you still can't watch the game all that $7. 50 will get you is audio...


...com website hasn't updated the MLB games in the last 45 minutes. The espn. com website still has the A's leading by a score of 4-3, in the bottom of the 5th inning...

Diversity of Products or Services
2.2 (93 reviews)
2.6 (18 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

nobody is answering. this is so frustrating that no one bothered to answer my call until i just hung up since there is no sense waiting in line with no one caring to resolve my issue.


They collectively opine much too much, discuss unnecessary topics and evidently refuse to keep quiet. It’s not about THEIR talk, talk, talk competition. Let the players play and entertain the dedicated tennis fans. When compare to very recent Tennis Channel commentary, your company loses the battle...

Paul F
Customer service
1.9 (89 reviews)
1.4 (27 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

I wanted to give you a heads-up on a minor problem that I know would be easy to fix. While watching the poker Central charity shootout part 1 & 2 on Spectrum channel here in Whittier California, the volume is extremely low. I have to turn the volume on my TV up to maximum and even then if I walk...


...Customer service is unreachable. They don't reply to emails. Waited almost 40 minutes on the phone with no answer...

Gaspare M

CBS Sports and Espn Pros and Cons

  • Nfl coverage
  • Camera work
  • What sports you only showed half and shut it off
  • Sports
  • Sports coverage
  • Always have liked it
  • Game coverage
  • Gary mccord
  • Dumb announcers talking too much
  • Your politics
  • See my comments re espn plus
  • Consant talking

CBS Sports and Espn Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

Jim Nance the blow hard of the century, and self appointed basketball expert who could not say enough about the no call...


I need to talk to someone at sling.com. Y'all are still charging me double. I can't get ESPN to work

CBS Sports and Espn Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

"What the *** is going on at CBS sports..!! I live in Central Florida.. I can't beleive CBS chooses to broadcast the...


Not clicking in with device with century link prisim

CBS Sports and Espn Latest Reviews

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Get a better commentator to assist Mr Nance

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Eisner can tell everyone how to think but the Espn gamecast is of third world country quality. Lol.
Espn is a 24/7 infome...

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CBS Sports and Espn Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Cbs Sports Sport Commentator (170 reviews)
  • Cbs Sports Streaming Service (37 reviews)
  • Cbs Sports Tv Channel (31 reviews)
  • Espn Tv Channel (29 reviews)
  • Espn Sport Commentator (17 reviews)
  • Espn Reporter (13 reviews)