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Webcom and Businessprodesigns Overview

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Webcom was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 8, 2007 and since then this brand received 58 reviews. It is 44 reviews more than Businessprodesigns received since Feb 6, 2013.

Webcom and Businessprodesigns Consumer Ratings

58 out of 385 in Web Design and Development category
74 out of 385 in Web Design and Development category
Customer service
46 in category
53 in category
71 in category
73 in category
47 in category
51 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Webcom ranks 16 points higher in the Web Design and Development category than Businessprodesigns. People gave Webcom 1.3 stars for Customer service criterion in Web Design and Development category and it is 106 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Businessprodesigns was rated 1 stars for Customer service criterion in this category and it is 99 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Website criterion, than we see that Webcom has a higher rating than Businessprodesigns. Regarding Reliability criterion, consumers gave Webcom 1.1 stars and it is 69% greater than other in category. Businessprodesigns however was rated 1 stars and it is 66% greater than other in category.

Webcom and Businessprodesigns Rating Details

Customer service
1.3 (22 reviews)
1 (6 reviews)
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I had web.com build me a web site for my small plumbing bussiness. First thing when i opened the site my contact imfo. is incorrect. I edited it and put the right phone number. Didnt work called to get it staoghtened out and sat on the phone for almost an hour before i finally hung up not cool. I...

Timothy m

...BPD is money-focused company - means they do not care about customer service, but to get your money as quick as possible. And as soon as they get it, you may forget about the service. 3...

1.1 (16 reviews)
1 (4 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Webcom is a ripoff company all the leads we get from this Website is Telemarketer, Soliciting money and Sales. The best part all the money they took out from my account and they told me I agree to pay a ridiculous amount for this website that doesn't lead to any profits for my business. This...


I had Business Pro Designs create and host my website for one year, at a great expense to me, over $1. 000. 00 During the yearlong hosting I discovered my site was infected with Malaware, something which had NEVER happened with my previous site/host...

1.1 (14 reviews)
1 (6 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

I have been with Web.com for a month now and I am NOT happy. The posts are just thrown together. Like posting verbiage about a t-shirt, but have an image of a coffee mug. I send messages to have them correct it and it goes IGNORED - so I have to call. Every single week!Even after a full interview...


2500 for a website that didnt work threw it in bin. 300 bucks for every time we wanted a change. 500 a year for hosting. 150 for my own domain which they stole of me. Almost 4 grand down the drain and i have nothing to show for it. Stay away at all costs.


Webcom and Businessprodesigns Pros and Cons

  • Godaddy
  • Criminals
  • Agents who really tried
  • Stole from us and never delivered app
  • Refusal to cancel my account
  • Liars and thieves
  • Inability of customer support to resolve issues
  • Thieves
  • Not living up to their 100 satisfaction guarantee
  • Customer service

Webcom and Businessprodesigns Most Positive Reviews

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Dishonest extortionists...never got my website up and running after
5 months. Finally I called and asked to cancel an...

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Webcom and Businessprodesigns Most Critical Reviews

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Signed up for a $4.99 a month basic website hosting and purchased my company domain name. Seven months later I noticed...


BusinessPro Designs is the worst company I have ever done business with.
Do not do any business with this company, if...

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The only favor that you can give me is close my account and stop stealing money from me

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I had Business Pro Designs create and host my website for one year, at a great expense to me, over $1.000.00 During the...

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Webcom and Businessprodesigns Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Webcom Web Development (11 reviews)
  • Webcom Customer Care (3 reviews)
  • Webcom Web Hosting (1 review)
  • Businessprodesigns Web Development (3 reviews)
  • Businessprodesigns Web Hosting (2 reviews)