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Usa Discounters and Buddys Home Furnishings Overview

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Buddys Home Furnishings was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 6, 2014 and since then this brand received 510 reviews. It is 369 reviews more than Usa Discounters received since May 7, 2008.

Usa Discounters and Buddys Home Furnishings Consumer Ratings

456 out of 4568 in E-commerce category
294 out of 2125 in Furniture and Decor category
Price Affordability
628 in category
298 in category
Product or Service Quality
366 in category
164 in category
618 in category
263 in category

Usa Discounters and Buddys Home Furnishings Rating Details

Price Affordability
1.4 (21 reviews)
2 (220 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...They were the highest price and most dishonest people i have ever met. ..


When we spoke with the manager at another store he tried to get the price down to $275 for the bed frame (which was the floor model and I had already paid like 200 all together. They also stated that I had not made a payment since April which was untrue. Needless to say I will never deal with...

Product or Service Quality
1.6 (21 reviews)
2 (220 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

... my husband around 190 so it isn't like it's holding too much weight! we are still making ridiculous payments for this *** bed set! USA discounters sucks! the quality sucks! the service sucks! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM EVER!!!!! ....


Money was taken off of a car that doesn't even belong to me and now I'm having charges brought up on me because they took money off without my without permission from the owner and because of it y'all will be hearing from my friends lawyer

1.3 (20 reviews)
2.1 (214 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

This people still charging my bank account, but there is no phone number to contact them or any statement indicating my balance.


i called buddy to order a mattress the have on their website. They sale perosn stated that he was not going to order the bed because he have that same mattresse set at home that he purchased somewhere else and its a trashy mattress and when he order things he have to order in bulk and to have 9...


Usa Discounters and Buddys Home Furnishings Pros and Cons

  • Never seen it
  • Dont even know what it is
  • Delevery guys are nice
  • I just want someone to come and get them out of my way
  • Style of furniture
  • Interrupting my gps constantly
  • Aggressive attitude in legal
  • Management or customer service
  • Unprofessional
  • Customer service

Usa Discounters and Buddys Home Furnishings Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

I added a Dining Room table to my account and the Finance Manager insisted that it be added at a higher interest rate;...


I have always had a great experience at buddys in Lubbock, TX. I will use Buddys before any other rental company alike....

Usa Discounters and Buddys Home Furnishings Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

My husband got us a bed set from USA DISCOUNTERS, bed frame mattress a side dresser and a main dresser. We had the set...


Buddys. Oh buddys! Scam artist. I will NEVER i repeat NEVER rent from buddys EVER again!!!!!! These people will harass...

Usa Discounters and Buddys Home Furnishings Latest Reviews

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I had an account with them in 2015. I have paid for my items in full 2 years ago. I am still getting money taken out of...

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Charge on my card not authorized and haven't received credit. Almost a month. Have gotten no where with local staff.

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Usa Discounters and Buddys Home Furnishings Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Usa Discounters Customer Care (2 reviews)
  • Buddys Home Furnishings Customer Care (139 reviews)
  • Buddys Home Furnishings Manager (84 reviews)
  • Buddys Home Furnishings Furniture Leasing (30 reviews)