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Banquet Meals

Banquet Meals and Stouffers Overview

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Banquet Meals was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Sep 10, 2013 and since then this brand received 368 reviews. It is 45 reviews more than Stouffers received since Sep 5, 2011.

Banquet Meals and Stouffers Consumer Ratings

173 out of 1016 in Food Manufacturers category
141 out of 1016 in Food Manufacturers category
Value for money
150 in category
148 in category
Product or Service Quality
142 in category
143 in category
Diversity of Products or Services
162 in category
100 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Stouffers ranks 32 points higher in the Food Manufacturers category than Banquet Meals. People gave Banquet Meals 1.8 stars for Value for money criterion in Food Manufacturers category and it is 90 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Stouffers was rated 1.9 stars for Value for money criterion in this category and it is 92 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Product or Service Quality criterion, than we see that Stouffers has a higher rating than Stouffers. Regarding Diversity of Products or Services criterion, consumers gave Banquet Meals 1.9 stars and it is 67% worse than other in category. Stouffers however was rated 2.6 stars and it is 58% greater than other in category.

Banquet Meals and Stouffers Rating Details

Value for money
1.8 (136 reviews)
1.9 (87 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

I've also worked in food areas, Mistakes have happened, but gosh, nobody and no place is perfect. They can be corrected. Thank You!!!!

Eileen S

several products have been reformulated. The Welsh Rarebit has been ruined. You will notice the cooking time has changed from what was 7 minutes on high to 3 minutes. When you stir it after that, it is more like water than cheese (which i guess makes sense). There is no cheese taste. To make it...

Mark L
Product or Service Quality
1.7 (132 reviews)
1.7 (107 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

:angry: your product is crap,first and last time i buy this crap paid over $9, got 8 legs and 1 breast. How cheap and low can this company go. Why don't the top heads go out and buy a box of chicken, see what they get...


...This has to be improved or removed from your product list..

Diversity of Products or Services
1.9 (102 reviews)
2.6 (71 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

50069208 1006 01 25 EST1233 Best BY Jan 17 2021 :dead:Brown N Serve French Toast Breakfast no sausage no maple sauce


Hi, Purchased a few entrees, as I always have. Thought the first one was just a bad batch. Now I'm starving and at work with nothing else to eat. Soo.. I heated up the Baked Chicken with Mashed Potatoes entree. The chicken has a spongy texture. It is awful. You are now selling banquet brand...


Banquet Meals and Stouffers Pros and Cons

  • Meals are very good
  • Easy to cook and taste good
  • Economy
  • All of there products i have enjoyed for years and years
  • Dont know yet
  • Chicken dinners
  • Was unnecessarily made poorly
  • Poor quality and value for money
  • Banquet frozen meals quality or taste
  • Food quality sucks
  • Runny sauce
  • It never tasted like this before

Banquet Meals and Stouffers Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

Warmed up a turkey tv dinner meal,i found a bug in my potatoes. I have always liked banquet frozen meals, but! i dont...


I've been a loyal customer of Stouffer's French Bread Pizza for many years and have always enjoyed it. While the...

Banquet Meals and Stouffers Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

Everytime we buy them at walmart we get sick from them we will not buy them no more the only thing we used to have in...


Stouffers was my Favorite Late night Pizza but Let me tell you i just came back from the food store And was looking fowa...

Banquet Meals and Stouffers Latest Reviews

Recent published reviews

I'm never buy your TV dinners again, no dessert at all just gravy no apples done with you people

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u have cut back on quantity of each meal. Lasagna does not cook like it used to. It always overcooks and becomes rock...

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Banquet Meals and Stouffers Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Banquet Meals Chicken (60 reviews)
  • Banquet Meals Frozen Meal (45 reviews)
  • Banquet Meals Salisbury Steak Frozen Meal (27 reviews)
  • Stouffers Lasagna (33 reviews)
  • Stouffers Macaroni And Cheese Frozen Meal (22 reviews)
  • Stouffers Frozen Meal (18 reviews)