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Customer service
Billing Practices
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Diversity of Products or Services
  • Installation technician 17
  • Coverage area 10
  • Price 9
  • Phone 8
  • Introductory price 8

Customers don't like

  • Poor customer service183
  • Charges36
  • Deceptive policies31
  • Billing8
  • Deception7


Customer service
Billing Practices
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Diversity of Products or Services
  • Internet 6
  • You are a bunch of overcharging crooks 5
  • Customer service 4
  • Coverage area 4
  • Tv 3

Customers don't like

  • Incompetent customer service25
  • Customer service20
  • Poor service19
  • Bait and switch7
  • Told one thing and going doing another6

A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in its profile. The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. The algorithm is subject to change in future.


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They all suck. Verizon usually has better service but is more expensive.

Straight Talk is the worst for customers satisfaction. At&T ruined my Straight Talk reception and nobody will fix it or acknowledge it.


my experience with AT& T has been the worst its ever been when I signed up for Direct TV, I am so Frustrated I would like talk with an Attorney to form a law suite for mental anguish.

Maine, United States #1349131

I advise everyone dealing with this company - DO NOT agree to trial extra channels! I have spent about 2 hours today trying to get out of a trial package that the ATT/Direct TV salesperson told me "Oh...just contact us and we will taken them off." I SPECIFICALLY asked if I could go back to my original package.

Their "customer service" person on chat told me that my service started 6/16 - had all these details of ? whose account. I didn't even buy the place until December.

Later, he asked me if I had proof that I signed up for the $99 per month package initially!

Then, he refused to fix my account.

I then called a customer service number- got a message that customer service was closed. This was before 8 pm EST!

Finally found a number to a human in South Carolina.

She fixed my problem in about 10 minutes. Lesson learned. I will never, ever sign up for a trial of ANYTHING! Keep in mind - this was my SECOND contact of the day.

AT&T: Hello! Thanks for choosing AT&T Chat. AT&T: Our agents are currently assisting other customers. Please wait and the next available agent will assist you.

AT&T: Your approximate wait time is 12 minutes. Ardel R: Hi An, Thank you for contacting AT&T my name is Ardel R. I see here that you are inquiring about change direct tv. I can help you with that!

Can you tell more about it please? an: I had a trial of extra channels added a few months ago. I want to drop that off. Ardel R: I see.

Thank you so much for the information. Let me access your account An. Ardel R: Checking now for you. (At this point, I had been waiting so long that I took a phone call.) Ardel R: May I ask the reason why we don't have to keep the said premium channels?

Ardel R: Thank you for waiting. Ardel R: An, just checking to see if you are still with me. Ardel R: An when I check your account for DTV, rest assured you are not being charged with extra channels or even the premium channels I mentioned. Ardel R: I want to be sure that you were able to receive my last message.

Are we still connected? an: So you can assure me that there is nothing but the initial $99 per mo plus tax plan I started with? Ardel R: Let me confirm how much will be your estimated monthly bill An. Ardel R: As I verify your estimated monthly bill for all service before tax - AT&T Internet $30.00 / AT&T Phone $9.99 and DIRECTV $75.00 total of $114.99.

an: That's not the package I signed up for- it was 99 per mo- an: You must have the extra channels added in Ardel R: $99 plus tax for all the service? an: yes Ardel R: Let me confirm the order that was submitted for you. Ardel R: Thank you for waiting. Ardel R: As I verify the order An that was submitted on 06/24/16 we you signed up you are under the highest package that we had we called ULITIMATE which is a $128.00/month lock for 24 months but on 03/30 you change your plan to SELECT and on 04/09 you upgrade to CHOICE which they have given you a loyalty offer for 24months still from the time you signed up your package on 06/16 getting a total discount of $38.00 Ardel R: Making your monthly for DirecTV $75.00 before tax.

an: I didn't even sign up until December 2016- . an: That must not be my account Ardel R: Did you move your service An to another location? based on the account this was set-up as of 12/23/16. an: Now that sounds right Ardel R: This is the why the order that we see now on your account is the one submitted on 06/16.

an: Never signed up for anything but the 2 years for $99/mo, and was to get a $200 gift card for signing up, which ATT got out of paying, btw. an: That makes perfect sense : ) an: I did not have any service with ATT except my cell ( a different account) prior to December- no service was ever transferred an: But 12/23 sounds right Ardel R: Yes that is correct since that's the one that we have on your data An. an: So is my account back to what I signed up for - the $99/mo? Ardel R: No changes yet made on the account.

It's still have $114.99 for all service. Do you have a confirmation number for this promise price of $99/month? an: Do you people not keep records? an: I am not looking that up.

Please place me with a supervisor. I have work to do, and this is the second time today I have tried to get this done. Ardel R: I have all the interaction you made An. No details of the promise price of $99/month for all service.

an: When I got the call- ohhh- we'll just add these for 3 months, and if you don't like it, just contact us, and we'll take it off. BS an: I'm making a complaint. your company has become incompetent. I'm cutting and pasting both conversations today into it.

Ardel R: I see that An that's the offer made on 04/09 when you change your plan from SELECT to CHOICE which the said credit was added to your account. Ardel R: Let me coordinate and let see what we could do. To match this promise price for you. an: Gee, you think you could give me what I signed up for?

thanks! Ardel R: Thank you for waiting. Ardel R: An as I coordinate your account the only special deal that we could add for you is a free program SHOWTIME UNLIMITED 2 Months Free. Please don't worry we still have another department who could match this offer this department is our Customer Loyalty Group.

I have noted your account so they know that I refer you to call them. Their number is 800-288-2020. an: I am making a complain on Twitter as we speak- this is ridiculous. When I got the call to add these extra channels, I was told to just contact and everything would go back the way it was.

Obviously someone LIED. Ardel R: Really do apologize on this inconvenience An. an: ATT is absolutely incompetent now. Never saw anything like all this.

Ardel R: I perfectly understand how you feel An and I would like to personally apologize on this inconvenience. If only I could change your account I have it done it earlier. Though we still have option if we wanted to have that price of $99 for all you service we need to change the package once more with your DirecTV. an: What are your talking about?

I can't understand you- Ardel R: Meaning we need to change your package for DirecTV to match the $99 an: I will try to access someone who knows what they are doing- I make $100 an hour, and you just wasted about that of my time. Good job. Ardel R: Really do apologize if you feel that way An. I would recommend please call the number that I have provided talk to our Customer Loyalty Group their the best department you whom you could negotiate to give this promise price that was offered to you.

Ardel R: You can print our conversation by clicking the envelope icon at the upper right part of this chat. an: Already cut and pasted.. Ardel R: Noted An. Ardel R: An do you have additional questions that we can cover today?

Ardel R: I want to be sure that you were able to receive my last message. Are we still connected? Ardel R: Just checking if you are still with me. Kindly inform me if you are still available to continue the chat session.

The system will prompt me to close the chat in a minute. an: g Ardel R: Yes An, do you have additional questions that we can cover today? an: Are you in India? Ardel R: No An an: hm Ardel R: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Ardel R: I'm afraid you're away now. Since the system hasn't receive any replies from you for 30 seconds, it will prompt us to close the chat session, feel free to chat with us again.

Rest assured that I will leave a special note on your account about your concern so you will not need to repeat yourself anymore. Thank you for contacting AT&T and have a wonderful day.

to An #1365626

At&t did the same thing to me seven months I have been trying to get it corrected.


I had AT&T and after my problem with combined billing of Direct TV I tried Verizon. They are worse than AT&T and that takes some doing.

Apparently NONE of these companies can tell the truth to their customers. Sad.

Schaumburg, Illinois, United States #1325323

i have been looking at verizon along with other providers att won't respond to why they raised my internet price 3-times higher then what was offered to me.but life goes on and there are better choices out there if you build your company on lies and etc you will pay for it in the end.

Walnut Creek, California, United States #1318710

I never had Verizon but everyone says that Verizon takes beter care for their customers than at@t

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1241192

One of the worst companies of all times. All Mobile companies are bad, but we would not have moved from Sprint to AT&T if they would not have offered the "deal" to pay off our phones.

The sales rep at the store promised a lower bill and $2,500 to pay off our existing contract and then after 45 minutes in the back room, amazingly the new monthly bills were different then he quoted. We followed through to get our refund and fill out all the paperwork and send in the final bill (and after at least 4, hour long conversations on the phone with promises galore - "no bills for the rest of the year, etc.) and lo and behond when we go back into the store - the special program doesn't even exist and we get a $100 credit on our bill! What is this a joke? Now we are stuck because we aren't moving to have the next 1.5 star company to get more unfulfilled promises.

You want good customer service - talk with Disney. At the other end of the spectrum, are cell phone companies and used car sales

Elkins, Arkansas, United States #1210910

AT&T is the worst. Do not go near this service.

All they want is your money.

No customer service at all. If it does not work, too bad, they still want your money.


Customer service on the phone is basically the same. It takes forever, you get transferred quite a bit and it's like pulling teeth to get your situation resolved.

Phone service in our area has gotten better with AT&T so now we're up to the speed that we were with when Verizon was at full capability in our area. Pricing about the same. Verizon did not have a store in our area and AT&T does.

So far that's the best thing. If we have an issue we can just stop in there and the manager is awesome his name is Giovanni.