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Ashley Jewels

Ashley Jewels and GetNameNecklace Overview

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GetNameNecklace was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Mar 4, 2015 and since then this brand received 342 reviews. It is 8 reviews more than Ashley Jewels received since Nov 3, 2015.

Ashley Jewels and GetNameNecklace Consumer Ratings

189 out of 1164 in Jewelry and Accessories category
174 out of 1164 in Jewelry and Accessories category
Customer service
102 in category
119 in category
Delivery Service
120 in category
115 in category
172 in category
156 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, GetNameNecklace ranks 15 points higher in the Jewelry and Accessories category than Ashley Jewels. People gave Ashley Jewels 1.4 stars for Customer service criterion in Jewelry and Accessories category and it is 206 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, GetNameNecklace was rated 1.3 stars for Customer service criterion in this category and it is 189 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Delivery Service criterion, than we see that GetNameNecklace has a higher rating than Ashley Jewels. Regarding Website criterion, consumers gave Ashley Jewels 1.8 stars and it is 56% worse than other in category. GetNameNecklace however was rated 1.9 stars and it is 50% worse than other in category.

Ashley Jewels and GetNameNecklace Rating Details

Customer service
1.4 (152 reviews)
1.3 (140 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

i emailed Ashly Jewels and told them what happened with my ring breaking after only having it for 4 days, and they told me i don't have to return the broken ring, but they are sending me a new one at no cost at all to me, i will have it in 4-5 days.They responded quickly and is taking...

Barbara W

I ordered a ring and never received it! So I wrote the customer service department and Helen wrote me back apologizing and said I would get a full refund! Well several days went by and no refund. So then I write her back after several emails she finally responded today and said that she would...

Delivery Service
1.3 (135 reviews)
1.4 (132 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

I was having some trouble with my item because there is no movement with my tracking and I need to email their customer service and they told me that my item was lost in transit upon delivery. I'm worried because I really need the item as soon as possible, gladly they were capable and able to help...


Avoid at all costs! Bought a photo necklace, the photo advertising the necklace was good quality, the necklace I received was awful and the photo was barely recognisable for what it was supposed to be. Contacted them and rather than helping they tried to tell me it was fine and that’s how it was...

Rebecca M
1.8 (128 reviews)
1.9 (118 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...I thought Facebook would not have ads for a total scame of a company on their website. I have also never placed an order where my receipt and purchase infor was done through Facebook IM. Shame on me for not checking reviews for this company before placing an order...


I submitted a review to their website WHICH THEY REMOVED. I should NOT have to pay for shipping and customs for an item that ARRIVED DAMAGED! The item has a razor sharp edge and would hurt anyone who wears it! After receiving the item, I found that the edge on the top of the pendant completely...

Kristina H

Ashley Jewels and GetNameNecklace Pros and Cons

  • Complete sham
  • Disgusting
  • Necklaces
  • Easy way of making orders
  • There site looks great to get a beautiful necklace
  • Products advertised were beautiful
  • Terrible customer service
  • Very poor customer service
  • Lack of response to my complaint
  • Terrible service
  • Still havent recevied product
  • No delivery no customer support in china

Ashley Jewels and GetNameNecklace Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

I've ordered 2 rings from Ashley Jewels and altho they've taken a while to get here as have come from China they've...


I ordered a necklace in remembrance of my deceased brother and I am VERY PLEASED!!! It took a couple of weeks but...

Ashley Jewels and GetNameNecklace Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

I ordered and paid for an item from Ashley Jewels after seeing it advertised on their website and facebook page. The...


For Christmas, my son purchased a sterling silver monogram ring for me from GetNameNecklace.com. Upon receiving the...

Ashley Jewels and GetNameNecklace Latest Reviews

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I ordered it three weeks ago and paid and the payment has gone through but still no sign of the necklace! I’m putting...

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I ordered a ring and never received it! So I wrote the customer service department and Helen wrote me back apologizing...

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Ashley Jewels and GetNameNecklace Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Ashley Jewels Shipping Service (123 reviews)
  • Ashley Jewels Customer Care (23 reviews)
  • Ashley Jewels Bracelet (16 reviews)
  • Getnamenecklace Shipping Service (169 reviews)
  • Getnamenecklace Customer Care (42 reviews)
  • Getnamenecklace Necklace (37 reviews)