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Appliances and Electronics
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
  • Apple in the early days 6
  • Clean design 3
  • Products 2
  • Previous itunes app 2
  • Phone 2

Customers don't like

  • Customer service11
  • Selling defective merchandise4
  • Lack of support from apple4
  • Lack of answer4
  • Apple lack of customer support4


Appliances and Electronics
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
  • Product 3
  • Having a laptop 3
  • Quality of product 2
  • Politely refused to correct error 2
  • Pissed 2

Customers don't like

  • Customer service19
  • Service and product5
  • Service5
  • Product5
  • Worst customer service4

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I have been a user of Apple products since the ‘90s. In the last 7 years we have bought: 3 iMac’s, MacBook Air, iPad, 5 iPhones, 2 Apple TVs, 2 Apple Watches and numerous drives, time capsule, and accessories.

To say that we are fans of Apple would be an understatement.

Over the past 3.5 years my experience with two iMacs, and dealings with Apple Care support, have disillusioned me. The most recent 6-month long saga began on January 3, 2017. I had been chugging along with my newest large iMac on the Mavericks platform for some time. Although the newer OS had been out for some time, being an Apple veteran I knew better than to update to the new OS until at least a year had passed for all the bug fixes to be made as is always required for any new OS.

However the incompatibility of my new iPhone 7’s photos with Mavericks’ iPhoto forced me to update my OS at least to El Capitan (I refused Sierra because it was too new at 3 months out). After that the iMac was never the same, and deteriorated steadily. It would freeze all the time. I was on the phone with senior advisers from mid-Feb till early May, instead of working, instead of dinner with family, etc.

etc. A conservative estimate would be 30 hours of phone time. The OS was reinstalled, the Ram was re-set, malaware bytes scans were made, redundancies eliminated to free memory, cache cleared, the disk was copied and sent off to engineers who came back with the advice to “update the MS Office” (there were none outstanding) and still, even though I modified many behaviours such as not syncing my iPhone to avoid opening iTunes or Photo, freakishly closing apps as soon as I could and saving every modification the instant made on any docs, the computer would freeze unexpectedly.

Finally in June I took it to the genius bar. Apparently it was a hardware issue: the logic board needed replacement.

It is still under Apple Care so the cost was not an issue. There issues were:

1. This computer is only 2 years old; why has the hardware become defective?

2. My last 2011 iMac (same size) ALSO had the logic board replaced – twice as it was also a factory re-call issue (as well as the graphics card) and still it was not stable and NOR did Apple replace it except to offer a (small) discount on a replacement;


Why did the “senior” advisors not have me take the computer in to test the processing BEFORE I spent over 30 hours over the course of 4 months reinstalling the OS etc? 4. Customer service at the store really sucked. Truly.

I use the iMac for work. The day after I drop it and it failed the overnight stress tests, they called me in the morning and said I could pick up by the afternoon as replacement logic board and ensuing tests should take a couple hours. Not hearing from them by 5pm, I called in. The lady (bordering on rudeness) kept telling me it would be done by closing time at 9pm, almost as if the imply I was being unreasonable calling them when there were still 4 hours left of the day.

I ask twice that the job be put in front of a technician right away. At 715p I call again: rep says he will call me back after speaking with the technician. At 815p I call again – it was not done and will not now be done until the next day. Manager just says sorry.

Another work day without. Moreover, the “notes” taken by reps who talked to me do not reflect promises made for pick up that day – I say ‘then not only are employees incompetent, they are dishonest also’. Two out of 3 iMac quit functioning within the 3 year extended warranty. My belief is that the 3rd one has not acted up only because it (a small, 2009 purchase) has been relegated strictly for internet & chat use, still on Mavericks, restricted by our parental controls.

iTunes, iPhoto, syncing with iPhone, or anything that makes it an Apple product, are not used. My advice to anyone considering entering the world of Apple with the intention that they can also use it for work (using email, MS Office, Adobe, Calendar, listening to podcasts or playing instructive videos, participating in online seminars or meetings) should stay away from Apple. A good Dell computer would cost far less money and far less aggravation. Even if you threw it away and bought a new one every year, you will still be ahead for money and time spent for the $3,600 (with extended Apple Care warranty) that the large iMac costs, plus dealing with the customer support time and aggravation.

One would ONLY take on the costs and aggravation of dealing with Apple & iMac if you have a strong specific need for Apple apps. The constant OS updates, which are never perfect and never a good fit with your other Apple devices and past functions, raise constant issues you will never be rid of, until you get rid of your Apple products. Eventually I pick up - with a new crack in its screen. They say they will replace, bring it back when the part comes in.

The intake work authorizations explicitly state the cosmetic condition had "nothing to note". The crack obviously formed at an impact point, which never happened on my watch.

So, the saga continues... until I replace each Apple device as they wear out with a non-Apple counterpart.