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Allied Benefit Systems and Coventry Health Care Overview

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Coventry Health Care was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Dec 28, 2008 and since then this brand received 376 reviews. It is 360 reviews more than Allied Benefit Systems received since Nov 3, 2009.

Allied Benefit Systems and Coventry Health Care Consumer Ratings

315 out of 1479 in Insurance category
196 out of 1479 in Insurance category
Billing Practices
221 in category
176 in category
Customer service
161 in category
143 in category
213 in category
174 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Coventry Health Care ranks 119 points higher in the Insurance category than Allied Benefit Systems. People gave Allied Benefit Systems 1 stars for Billing Practices criterion in Insurance category and it is 159 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Coventry Health Care was rated 1.2 stars for Billing Practices criterion in this category and it is 204 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Customer service criterion, than we see that Coventry Health Care has a higher rating than Allied Benefit Systems. Regarding Website criterion, consumers gave Allied Benefit Systems 1.4 stars and it is 56% worse than other in category. Coventry Health Care however was rated 1.5 stars and it is 54% greater than other in category.

Allied Benefit Systems and Coventry Health Care Rating Details

Billing Practices
1 (9 reviews)
1.2 (154 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Then, I told my provider this and they explained to me they opted out of 3rd party billing in their clause with Aetna. When I called Allied and told them this, they said they could not help me straighten this out. Then, 2 more providers will not take the insurance and allied and the providers told...

Sara P

...They keep billing me and leaving harassing phone messages. I don't understand why they didn't cancel the policy the first time I called. They have ruined my credit rating...

Customer service
1.2 (9 reviews)
1.3 (169 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Months later I get a $700 bill for a check up and appeal this only to find out my customer service rep wrongly informed me and somehow that is my fault and they denied my appeal - only writing “this was an out of network provider. ” They gave NO consideration to the documented conversation in which...


I have talked with their customer service on the three times in the past two years they refused and they agreed with me because my policy states it is covered but could do nothing to help me except to file a grievance to kick it up the corporate chain and you know how long the chain is. The chances...

Paul J
1.4 (8 reviews)
1.5 (146 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

My wife has been on CPAP for several years, and yet Allied keeps rejecting the CPAP services and has requested the sleep study information from the clinic. Which they do not send out.A repetitive cycle of claim rejection, request for more information that can not be provided.

Charles S

...gov website. Coventry found any reason to deny any of her health claims. Those that they paid on some claims to the provider, they later took the money back...


Allied Benefit Systems and Coventry Health Care Pros and Cons

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  • Some people at customer service
  • Customer service reps who genuinely tried to help
  • Agents admit website is a fail
  • Poor customer service
  • Very bad customer service
  • Constant claim rejection
  • Customer service
  • Poor billing system
  • Long hold times

Allied Benefit Systems and Coventry Health Care Most Positive Reviews

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Coventry has been great for me. Paid all claims including scripts, MRI's, CAT scans, hospital visits, and 2 correctve...

Allied Benefit Systems and Coventry Health Care Most Critical Reviews

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My union decided to use Allied Benefit Systems on our behalf. In essence I have a $2500 deductible and my total out of...


In paying for my healthcare, I pay two months at a time. Coventry debited my account two days in a row for what...

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I have setup health insurance for my husband. Was told it will be 240.00 a month. The 1st month they 495.50, and the...

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I'm trying to verify coverage for a member and see if an out-pt procedure requires an authorization

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  • Allied Benefit Systems Health Plan (1 review)
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