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Auctions and Marketplaces
Customer service
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Diversity of Products or Services
Discounts and Special Offers
  • Customer service 40
  • Prices 18
  • Products 15
  • Price 15
  • Good price 13

Customers don't like

  • Customer service40
  • No refund8
  • False tracking number8
  • Deceitful tactics8
  • Shipping time5


Auctions and Marketplaces
Customer service
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Diversity of Products or Services
Discounts and Special Offers
  • Low prices 31
  • Free shipping 27
  • Price of the items 10
  • Variety 9
  • Product 8

Customers don't like

  • Customer service57
  • Poor support19
  • No way to contact them17
  • Return policy14
  • No customer service8

A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in its profile. The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. The algorithm is subject to change in future.


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I was NOT robbed and cheated on DH Gate

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #1354778

Ive shopped on Aliexpress more then I have shopped on DHgate. I will say that on Aliexpress, when you haven't recieved a product that you have ordered for along time, you can open a dispute, and about 100% of the time, you can get your money back.

On DHgate, I have only shopped on there a few times. And have recieved the product almost every time, except this time, and when I asked for a refund there was a long holdup.

They kept trying to make me wait longer, even though I have already waiting nearly 5 months. I would say Aliexpress and DH gate are about the same in terms of reliability, trustworthiness, and efficiency.


AliExpress honors and refund immediately when you have a dispute with an order Large or Small. Unlike DHGaate, they do not ask you to post a you tube video when you already have proof that something doesn't work and you have messages and communication with the seller about the faulty or fake item, no questions or red tape asked and the results are in the customer's favor as it should be.


dhgate is better for me . why?because it sends to iran.Aliexpress has Iran in the list of countries.but in recent 2 years it dos't send to the payment page it gives you a warning.

i alwayes buy items from dhgate and i am very satisfied.

Fort Mill, South Carolina, United States #1338787

Dhgate is the best hands down

Athens, Attica, Greece #1338093

DHGate is way better than AliExpress!

First of all they have instant chat support while on AliExpress you have to guide through a lot of menus and then you have to wait for fifteen minutes in the *** to get serviced, but most of the times the AliExpress Customer Representatives do not actually help you! From my own personal experience they told me things like "We will contact the seller", "You will receive an instant reply", but they never replied to my issue.

(For AliExpress) Second they care more about not to lose sellers than to lose buyers!

They closed my account a month ago because in their opinion I opened a dispute out of retention against a seller (which was against their buying rules), while the seller was the one who provided a fake tracking number and never sent me the product! I had this experience once with DHGate and they instantly forced the seller to put a valid and working tracking number on site!

Third DHGate cares about whether I was serviced correctly or not.

They pay me and many others 5$ for saying their opinion about the customer service experience they had by leaving a review on PissedConsumer! AliExpress simply don't care whether I get serviced or not!

Anyone who agrees or disagrees with my opinion is freely to comment below with their own experience of the sites!


Dhgate is best.

no online store is better than dhgate.

dhgate best online store in the worldwide.


both of them are excellent

for me Dhgate is better because:

1- dhgate has esteelauder serum in low price and good quality and i always buy it for myself and give it as gift to my beloved.

2 - Dhgate ships to Iran.but Aliexpress from 2015 don't ships to Iran .but in the list of countries you find Iran but don't sends to Iran.however we can still buy from Aliexpress with some Iranian telegram channels who has agents in Aliexpress and we pay them to buy items for us.but they request more and more money day bu day.we can't leave comment underneath our item.we can't receive Aliexpress coupons because we can't buy items in our account and Iranian telegram channel uses all coupons and don't give them to us as real customer.


but aliexpress really has a wide range of items in lower price for example i need blackberry or beet powder and i can find them only in aliexpress. or some items you can find them in both aliexpress and dhgate but price in aliexpress is lower.for example i want to buy acupunture pen.

price in aliexpress is 39 and in dhgate is 52. and buyin it with telegram channel still is more cheap for me. or floor mural.both online shops sell mural stickers but aliexpress has a very wide range of all kinds of murals in lower price. you can find more buyer reviews in aliexpress and if you decided to buy something and you want to know whether it is good or not you can read reviews in aliexpress.

living in Iran is very hard.90% of websites has banned in Iran.

aliexpress and dhgate are both banned.we visit these websites with proxy server and very low speed.most of online stores don't ship to Iran.but we are just ordinary people with 0 degree knowledge of can't find good items with good quality in Iran .for example fruit powders .or if you can find them they are so so expensive.people in other countries must thanks God for born in other countries. they are lucky.good to them.

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada #1317257

I used Ali express a couple times......Got scammed for $800 and Ali express didn't care.....They have sellers on their site that are not credable and don't care................I give both Ali exprss and DHGates both a Zero on customer service.......It's not about you the consumer. It's about them and the dollar........

to Jer Manchester, England, United Kingdom #1323902

I would choose dhgate first over ali express as customer service is excellent and the buyers I deal with have no issues when asking for a refund. Always get correct tracking information and always receive goods not like ali express where alot of did not turn up.