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ADT was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Aug 17, 2007 and since then this brand received 1368 reviews. It is 1054 reviews more than Night Owl received since May 24, 2012.

Night Owl and ADT Consumer Ratings

15 out of 294 in Security and Protection Services category
72 out of 294 in Security and Protection Services category
No votes
52 in category
Value for money
No votes
58 in category
Customer service
No votes
54 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Night Owl ranks 57 points higher in the Security and Protection Services category than ADT.

Night Owl and ADT Rating Details

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1.5 (362 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

My ten-month-old system doesn't work and after waiting 2 hours on hold for a tech assistant who does not speak English. I was told that a level two assistant would call me back - on seven different occasions - but they didn't say whether it would be within my lifetime. I have not received a return...


I sold by buisness 8 months ago and they are still taking money out of my acct, sending emails saying we owe money and on top of that I get a call eveyday telling me my alarm has gone off....I have called many times and everytime it's the same thing, "we deactivated your acct" I am beyond fed up...

Value for money
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1.4 (346 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

If this continues to be impossible I'm going to want my money back for the time and hassle of crawling through the attic to install misadvertised goods on my walls. The recording and cameras work fine for stand alone use. It's the misleading statements made and printed on the outside of the box by...

Benjamin V

...Adt has taken my money and so far have refused to reimburse me for what they have taken out over the past year. I am very upset at how they can just steal from people and not have any remorse about it. To anyone out there thinking about a security company to feel safe..

Customer service
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1.2 (427 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Where do I start?? The customer service is a joke. There is no "live view" on the mobile app. Yes, it says there is but when you have to perform 3 steps EVERY TIME you open the app just to see a stream...

Christopher M

...Horrible customer service that do not listen. Technicians logged on to my pulse account without my consent or password. How safe is my house because if they can do it who else can ? It appears there is a master password for all systems because I watch him and it was not my password he typed in...

Daniel D

Night Owl and ADT Pros and Cons

  • System worked great for a while
  • Customer service was responsive
  • Inexpensive system with no monthly fee
  • Unsatisfactory
  • Servicemen that came to the home
  • Nightmare
  • On hold for hours for tech support
  • Customer service was either nonexistent or useless
  • Software quality and software interface is terrible
  • Customer service
  • Lack of ethics
  • Misleading representative

Night Owl and ADT Most Positive Reviews

Top rated reviews

I have had my Night OWL 4 camera system for 5 years. It has been great. A couple of times I have had to contact the...


Another CLOWN "utility" company. Charges for services that were not received. Just like Spectrum, they charge for a mont...

Night Owl and ADT Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

Please learn from my mistake.
Do NOT ever purchase NIGHT OWL security camera system.
They DO NOT work as advertise.


I ordered adt and had a rep come out and set it up. I opted for automatic billing to a debit card for convenience. Unfor...

Night Owl and ADT Latest Reviews

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Camera system I bought is pretty much junk. Cameras take forever to load... playback rarely works... and if/when it...

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I sold by buisness 8 months ago and they are still taking money out of my acct, sending emails saying we owe money and...

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Night Owl and ADT Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Night Owl Security System (114 reviews)
  • Night Owl Technical Support (46 reviews)
  • Night Owl Mobile Application (28 reviews)
  • Adt Security System (389 reviews)
  • Adt Customer Care (222 reviews)
  • Adt Account (90 reviews)