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Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games and Activision Overview

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Rockstar Games was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jan 19, 2012 and since then this brand received 2416 reviews. It is 2195 reviews more than Activision received since Apr 24, 2011.

Rockstar Games and Activision Consumer Ratings

19 out of 394 in Games and Movies category
61 out of 394 in Games and Movies category
Customer service
19 in category
46 in category
27 in category
63 in category
Value for money
11 in category
41 in category

According to consumer ratings and reviews, Rockstar Games ranks 42 points higher in the Games and Movies category than Activision. People gave Rockstar Games 2.5 stars for Customer service criterion in Games and Movies category and it is 98 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. At the same time, Activision was rated 1.5 stars for Customer service criterion in this category and it is 71 points higher than the worst rated brand in this category. If we look at Website criterion, than we see that Rockstar Games has a higher rating than Activision. Regarding Value for money criterion, consumers gave Rockstar Games 3 stars and it is 91% greater than other in category. Activision however was rated 2 stars and it is 65% greater than other in category.

Rockstar Games and Activision Rating Details

Customer service
2.5 (862 reviews)
1.5 (88 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...Not only was it fast, but they gave money straight to my account, enough for the car, all the upgrades, and $600k left over! Absolute best, and reliable customer service I think Ill ever find for a...


...You might ad well call customer disservice because you suck Activision. If I could give you zero stars I would..

2.9 (838 reviews)
1.8 (92 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

I tried to get in contact with rockstar On multiple occasions, yet none of their lines work and constantly referred me back to their website. What the *** Like really? Rockstar is literally the stupidest *** company I have ever laid my *** eyes on..


I called to speak to you about a problem that Im having with the call of duty modern war fare game and all you give me is go on line. i would'nt have called if I wanted to do that. You take my right to speak to a person away and now Im going to still have the problem, this type of support is not...

Deenis K
Value for money
3 (798 reviews)
2 (52 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

Why do I get signed out r rockstar services r unavailable I put in a lot of time an money into gta when I'm constantly having problems with it on top of it all I got to pay for xbox live just to play gta I'm tired of it an I'd like for yall to fix the game an stop taking the servers offline thanks..


...I want my content or the money money I paid for it I want a call not an email. A person go talk to and complain about my previous dealing with your garbage support staff..


Rockstar Games and Activision Pros and Cons

  • Had lots of fun playing with friends
  • Game itself
  • I love gta
  • Excellent games when they work correctly
  • I loved activation until they trick me
  • Creativity of game play
  • Customer service
  • Trying to get consumer service to contact me
  • Poor customer service
  • Complete and total lack of customer support
  • Support
  • Suk

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I would like a refund on GTA V i bought the game a year ago on the xbox live store and nothing was wrong with it but...



Rockstar Games and Activision Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

Worst customer service ever!!!!! I am playing GTA series since first part. Just recently I've got the GTA 5,played for...


I turn on to play ghost exstintion an as it was loading up as usual , a notice pops up, saying that I,m permanently ban...

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My vigilante that I have just disappeared for no apparent reason and I'm starting to freak out because I maxed it out...

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Couldn't talk to anyone at Activision and I still have the problem. COD downloads 1.13 update every day for 3 days so...

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