I am very irritated about all this I havent revice anything form you guys your service really horrible you havent help us for anything or take action about my account that got *** this hacker have sent all these fake amounts and fake posting you havent fix anything is this how you treat people with their account not helping them if say other people getting hacking into their account and changing all their information and changing their fake birthdays and their you guys get your act together stop fooling around start working with the suritey account and fixing all the issues problem of hackers and no wonder you guys are on the news from Facebook on the news because of big hit of hackers on account if you dont want a bad naming then start working on your suritey account that no hackers cant get in you guys should get act together start working on suritey proceted the account and pravite account and password as well to protect the account from all the hackers of everyone account I am very disappointed about all this its been a week I havent hard from the Instagram company this really bad service is this how you guys get paid on this by not helping people out or not take action about this come on like my account got hacked my personal account this not good I am getting messages from my family friends this is looking bad on me and my account not taking care of my account is this how you going to treat people and not fixing my account and I found the hackers all ready you havent taken action about this not removing my hacker from my account this is not acceptable all this very disbursement this whole thing

User's recommendation: This really bad service of Instagram it’s take years to get back to you this is really bad they won’t help you with anything they will keep you hanging won’t worry about it.

Location: Mississauga, Ontario

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