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I watched several different videos of people that I actually knew using this product. I was excited that it might actually work the way they showed since these were "real" people.

I wasn't quite sold on the price but decided that if it only takes 5 drops to get the coverage, then the product would last quite some time. Boy was I wrong! When I received my first bottle I had issues with the dropper from the very first use. It wouldn't draw anything up.

I thought maybe something was wrong with the it. However, I left the bottle sitting on the counter instead of in the drawer and I noticed when I looked at it later that the bottle was almost empty. This was only after a week of having the product. I contact my presenter, sent her pictures and she had the bottle replaced.

My thought process at the time was that this was just a manufacturing defect for this one bottle. Even though the company said it would take more than a month to replace, I actually got my new bottle in about two weeks. I set it on the counter just to make sure it was full. It was about 3/4 full but very, very thin.

I always shake the bottle really well, but it still remained very thin. It is now only a month later and low and behold this bottle is also almost empty as well. Five drops per day should not empty the bottle in a month, especially for this price. Fortunately, the company also issued me a refund (not sure why - I contacted my presenter because I did not want to have the product and the money, nor did I want her to lose anything on the sale but she said not to worry about it).

So at least I did not have to pay for this test run! I do not find that the coverage is any better than any other product that I have used and it doesn't last any longer throughout the day. Since I have now read other reviews where they are having the same problems with the bottle being empty quickly or the dropper not working, I believe this is a company issue, not just me being unlucky. I did like the way the product went on with the brush but that is not worth the cost.

I would not buy from them again. (I also tried the fiber lashes but did not notice a significant difference).

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have been using this foundation for a while now. My bottle lasts me about 5 months with great coverage. It is thin, but that's part of the reason I love it.


Girl check out Limelight by Alcone's makeup. One foundation palette lasts 3-5 months depending on you.


Hi, I've been using the foundation for over a year and it lasts me 6 months, using 5-6 drops!


Try Wet n Wild BB Cream! Works MUCH better for $4!


I tried the unique 3D Fiber lash mascara as well . Please trust me when I say don't waste your money!!

I really wanted the product to work. The mascara is horrible. It does not make your lashes longer. It clumps your lashes together and the fibers fall off and get into the eyes.

My mascara dried up in two months.

It is a horrible investment and worse than any drug store brand I have ever used. Spend your money on a name brand mascara that you can find for the same price!!


Finally, an honest review! I have the exact same issues with mine, I'll never purchase again!


Exact same issue. I also was a presenter until this foundation gave me a horrible allergic reaction every time I used it. I finally realized it was this awful product!!

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