New Market, Alabama
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I was so excited to finally try Younique. I had watched videos and tutorials for months and read about the products.

When my liquid foundation and brush came in, I quickly took my make up off, put a few drops on my brush, and carefully applied it to my face just like the dozens of tutorials I watched from presenters. It didn't cover any of my acne or scars! So, I tried a little more. Still nothing!

My presenter recommended I order the primer and concealer.

I did the whole shabang as recommended and my flaws still showed! i am not a believer in the "photoshop in a bottle."

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Touch Mineral Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Wow the 50 brush to apply.... Wow blaming the customer....

Way to demean a customer and guilting into buying.....


Is Estée Lauder camouflage makeup it's amazing covers everything


Did you have the Younique brushes to apply the makeup with? it may not seem like it, but brushes really do make a HUGE difference in what your makeup will look like. Once I bought the Younique brushes it made a huge difference.


Just watch out for all the little brush bristles that the Younique brushes leave behind. I threw all mine away.


Same here. I never wore foundation cause I have bad skin figured why highlight that.

But the video's were so convincing. Got it today and was so disappointed. Definitely did not stay. Within 2 hours it was fading.

And did nothing to cover my scars. Getting my money back

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