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I was very hopeful that the 3D+ fiber lashes would be everything that they were promoted as , and as promised by the sales presenters; they are FAR FROM it!!! They are Not waterproof, they do Not last through my day ( the fibers shed Into my eyes), and after about one month the transplanting gel cakes Terribly!!

I have not only told all my friends and family to Avoid Younique, but have in turn guided them to Sephora, who offers a Dramatically SUPERIOR PRODUCT!!!

Please AVOID YOUNIQUE PRODUCTS!! They are a Waste of time and Money!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Mine lasted 2 weeks. No kidding and I NEVER pump and being a makeup baddict for many years know exactly how to wear and care of my cosmetics.

Younique way too expensive for the cheap quality. If you can spend that much but Chanel.

The pricing of Chanel is equal or less expensive even. With tried and true quality.


If it flakes off, you may need to apply more of the transplanting gel. I admit,mot does get thick over time.

But I use mine almost daily and it last several months. Don't pump the wand (in any mascara).

Just kind of twirl it in the tube if needed and pull it out. Pumping dries it out.


I have never tried younique but I don't think cosmetics would cake in your eyes like gel if you remove your makeup nightly. Just saying....


Considering you have never used the product, you shouldn't comment. It's a terrible Chinese made product that Younique repacked and branded, but you can but the same thing on Alibaba for $5, which is exactly how Younique got it's start.

Inferior quality to products found at Sephora, but the pricing is just as high if not higher than Sephora products. The sales reps act like a cult, and can't take anyone saying they don't like their product.

If you do, they'll just tell you that you've used it wrong or some bs, when half of these women are not makeup artists, have never bought anything beyond drug store brands and are relatively clueless when it comes to quality cosmetics. Save your money, ladies!


this is not a product younique branded from *** lol. THEY branded it from us. we use all natural products.


I think she meant the mascara cakes on the applicator, not her eyes. I have the same problem.

The old formula was better. The "new and improved" 3D plus sucks.