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So a lady approched me at target one day and ask had i ever tried Younique, i said No, so she showed me their catolog....and Of course I got suckered into buying some of the products. I got the 3d fiber lash mascara, splurge cream shadow in danity, and the lip stain. I was so excited to try the lashes, since i hardly have lashes at all!! I got my stuff , finally after wating what seem to be forever! The splurge cream was great no problems, the lip stain was good, but oh boy the 3d fiber lash mascara, i opened it and it was so clumpy and gross! I put it on my lashes added the fiberes and it looked a hot mess, my lashes were all clumped together, it was just a mess. I hated to tell this lady about it, because she was really really sweet and soft spoken, but soon the email came, "Hey girl so tell me, how did you like your younique products?" I could not lie, i started with how good the splurge cream was and the lip stain, but the mascara, i told her it was bad, really bad, and i really wish i had not wasted my money. Not long after i sent her the email i got another email from her, she said she was so sorry to hear that, and that it should not be clumpy. She asked what i would like to do, would i rather return and get my money back, or exchange for another product, I said another product. So she help me get in contact with support and both of us talk to them, got my mascara exchanged with no problems. I just got my new product in the mail today and i got to say its really good! I excganged for the Lip Bonbons in Vanilla Milkshake. She was a great help and I Went from a very unhappy customer to a happy customer. Id stay AWAY from the mascara,but the other stuff seems to be pretty good, for me anyway. The young lady that spoke to me and i ordered through her name was katherine, if you ever order again from Younique try this lady she was very sweet and extremly helpful made sure I went from being an un happy to happy customer and i told her i was going to do a review and would it be ok to put her contact info and she agreed.

Name:Katherine Mckeever

Facebook: Younique By Katherine



Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Mascara.

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